Greengo Extra Thin Classics Paper for #RoachSunday

7 months ago


This post was inspired by @tecnosgirl's #RoachSunday Weekly Contest. Be sure to check out her posts, contests, and giveaways.


Grabbed the Roach Tin to roll up a Strange Spliff for #RoachSunday.


Discarded the roach papers, this is going to be a smooth spliff. There's a lot of tasty roach bud strains in there from this past week - GSC, Ice Cream, Rockstar, God's Green Crack, Green Crack, Duke Nukem.


Greengo Extra Thin Classics 1-1/4 Paper

Grabbed the Greengo Extra Thin Classics 1-1/4 Papers for this roach rollup. The last time I used these papers was to roll up some Sour Diesel - today these extra thin 1-1/4 papers will be rolling up the buds from the roaches. Decent size to roll with, these papers are similar to the Smoking Master paper weight. I like the brown non-bleached color.

Greengo papers are produced from FSC approved pulp. Greengo papers have the ideal thickness of 14 gr/m2 The package is made from 200 gr/m2 recycled paper so it's better for the environment. 100 % TCF (Totally Chlorine Free). Pure natural papers for a pure natural smoke!

Source: Greengo 1-1/4 Paper

50 Papers Per Pack - 1-1/4 size (78 x 38 mm)


Check out the Flamez and Pinstripe watermarks on the Greengo paper.


A quick squeeze with the paper pack to get the buds in the right place for easy roll up.


Rolled Up.


Sparked Up - Look at that Dirty Roach thumb LOL.


Tasty combination from the week of spliff roaches. Tasting some baked goods, citrus, spice, lemon-lime citrus aftertaste - deep flavors like with hash. Solid effects - all at once, now and later - all mashed together. The Greengo Extra Thin Classics papers rolled easily and smoked clean. I'm pleasantly smoked up for #RoachSunday :)

Have a great day!

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Oof thats amazing! You know what is bomb hiw people nust to do it with apples but this time put a starbust as the top peace! That shit makes it like oil.


Wait, what? You smoking out of candy?


Wait what? Is it possible to use any oily choco candy?Thi is a first for me and I have seen people build pipes out of actual plumbing pipes.


That i'd like to see :)