Clearing Snow off the Solar Panels with the Morning Spliff - #SmokeSpot Contest

6 months ago


Patio Enclosure Smoke Spot

This corner desk, over looking the valley, is where I take most of the cannabis strain pictures - this is the best photo light spot in the enclosure. There was a light dusting of snow last night - there will be much more tonight. Clearing the snow off of the cabin roof top solar panels while enjoying a morning spliff at multiple smoke spots. This post is an entry into @psyceratopsb's Smoke Spot contest #1 [2x50 SMOKE to win]. You can see a pair of solar panels on the patio - they're at ground level, easy to brush the snow off these ones.

There's the computer desk where I document most of the strain adventures - and browse

There's the valley view from outside the enclosure - it's fun to watch the sun hit the other side of the valley first. Pure ice under that snow, there's only one safe path up the hill. The second picture you can see the cozy cabin and patio #smokespot enclosure.


Checking the 960 watt array of roof top solar panels while I toke the spliff - snow covered. These panels provide all the electricity I need for 10 months of the year. For the two darkest months of the year - December and January, I currently use about $200 worth of gasoline to top up the 800 Amp Hours battery array with the generator. I'll add more panels and batteries soon enough.


Climbing up the ladder to clear the panels off with a broom - still puffing away on the spliff, nice view.

Large Solar Panels Clear - bring on the sunshine.


Had to move the ladder for the smaller solar panel clearing - I won't leave Spliff behind.

Solar Panels Cleared Off

The sunshine and this spliff are still blazing - forgot the broom on the roof, I'll have to clear off the small panels first next time :)


Where's your #smokespot ?

Have a great day!

#smokespot #contest #spliff

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That's a cool smoke spot. It looks beautiful and peaceful. Even with all the snow.


Thanks - very relaxing, decently secluded - especially with the hills and the trees. I mostly just hear wildlife and the lake ice settling these days :)

It is nice to see how your smoke studio looks like. The landscape is so bright and stunning, somehow I miss snow. Till it actually snows. Turns out it just looks good.
Thanks for entry and good luck.


I appreciate the snow the most when i'm inside the warm cabin :)

Anywhere outdoors


Sometimes the tokes are better when standing up and moving around - outdoors preferably :) I don't smoke inside the cabin, but it's nice to step outside of the patio enclosure.

definitely a fine smokespot indeed! Good luck for the contest!


Thanks :)

Guess Ill have to do a post to share my smoke spot. its not as dope as yours...


I'd be curious to see your smoke spot - i added the enclosure this past fall, got tired if smoking in the wind and rain :)

Really cool to see your offgrid setup with the solar panels.. and in typical stoner fashion you forgot the brush on the!

Are you off the hydro grid, or do you sell back extra energy in the summer months?


I wasn't about to put the ladder back up either - next time lol. Off the hydro grid - no smart meters, cables, wires, or pipes coming onto this property (just wireless internet), and no reason for any utility worker employee to come onto the property. That would be interesting to sell the excess though, in the summer the batteries are usually full before noon. It's a little extra work, and we're more conscious about when we use electricity, but it's nice not having the electric bills and power outages that i can't do anything about :)

Beautiful smokespot ND beautiful view you have there. There is nothing better then to enjoy a sunny day outside with a nice spliff.


Thanks - outdoors and private - makes for a good smoke spot. Even though it's colder on the sunny days, I do prefer them... with a spliff :)