The grass is greener

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3 months ago

On the other side of the hill. Random old saying .It popped into my stoned mind as I was cutting the lawn. If you've been to the other side of the hill ,then you'll know that when you get there , it isn't. Most of the time anyway ☺️

"Wow this guy sounds pretty baked " I imagine you thinking ( in a good way of course)

Quick show them some pictures before they get bored.IMG_20200908_171911976_HDR_768x1024.jpgIMG_20200908_180530587_HDR_768x1024.jpg
The weed isn't SSH (super silver haze) it's Zkittles btw.IMG_20200908_172152553_HDR_768x1024.jpg
End of grow season here.Plants smoked.! IMG_20200908_172132736_HDR_768x1024.jpg Plum tomatoes plant.

P E A C E. ✌️. Btw.... you might be slightly disappointed to hear I'm not that baked,i just had one small vape .( 3.5 gr.doesnt go far .) As I'm sure you will know. Having said that, I get a really nice " balanced" high from just a little bit of the lovely "Zkittles"

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Nice style...and nice stash 😊💚


@cannabis Thanks my friend .😎


You're welcome 💚