Chemdawg bud

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7 months ago

Hey folks,let's start with a pic.IMG_20200428_152019631_HDR_768x1024.jpg

Chemdawg has a mysterious lineage ,going back to the Grateful dead community. From what I've been reading ,briefly ,it has been used in the genetics of o.g kush and sour diesel.


It is described as being a strong ,high thc but balanced sativa/Indica hybrid with a diesel odour . After trying it in my vape ,I agree . Yes it's strong ,but has a great balance .IMG_20200428_152052710_HDR_768x1024.jpg

FYI......I recently changed to using a vape in instead of a pipe or now and again a joint with some tobacco (a European thing) personally ,the vape is better as it's healthier ,you can taste the cannabis better and it's also economical BUT it's not the same and a slightly "higher" but more subtle high (just my opinion ) .You don't get the same kickback from combustion ( lighting a pipe or spliff) . Whatever floats your

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Chemdawg is real deal....