UFC Greenlights Cannabis, Mlungar Cannagar Mould and Terpene Preservation. Featuring Cheeba Africa -The #Hotboxshow Episode 166

3 months ago
On this episode the UFC gives ganja the greenlight, we review the Mlungar Cannagar Mould and help you make your dank extra stank. Our special guest will be Cheeba Africa to tell us about The Dagga Couple Scholarship. So torch your nails, spark your joints and blaze a blunt for Jules. It's time to get grilled!

Live and unpredictable @ 7PM'ish on Thursday evenings.

Is weed a performance enhancer?

  • Fo sho
  • Hell no
  • Kinda


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Now they'll just pass the bong around and not fight because they're too fuckin relaxed. LMAO