The #HotboxShow Ep 117 Ft. Grow Indoors

2 months ago

On this week's show we've got Grow Indoors, Midrand based Hydro shop on the couch. They'll be bringing some sexy LED lights with them.
And of course, we'll cram in all your regular favourites:

Poll: Have you ever been bust for weed?

  • Yes
  • No
  • More than once

#CBDNN - Traditional Healer Zanele Mazibuko arrested


#ShitOrLit - Sh!t or lit? Micro Labs THC test Kit supplied by our guests.


#GrowingWithMyBuds - Grow more females from seed & local grow mediums update.


#WeedlyCalendar - what's happening with 4.20 friendly events nationally this week. Drop your event artwork onto the HotboxShow Facebook page, and we'll punt your gig for free!

#InstaYourGram - tag your bud porn and stand a chance of scoring yourself some Hotbox swag....#Hotboxshow

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Poll results!

Bongs n Blunts courtesy of The High Co

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I could so go for some swag 😉 LMAO you guys are a hoot 😅

As for the busted for weed... they were watching when I ditched and broke down the door of my ex roommate finding nothing he was just a heat bag luckily... myself twice while transporting but no charges stuck, thank god only delt with vehicular charges.

Been "busted" many many times, but luckily I've been able to get off with warnings and only probation once! I think I'm just really lucky because there were times where I should have been in jail....


I think I got lucky and actually found those "good cops" that people talk about, because they very well could have ruined my life, but they chose not to because it was simply a plant and I had not harmed anyone. Sometimes in life we get lucky, other times not so much.