The #HotboxShow Ep. 107 Ft. Marijuana SA

5 months ago

Tonight's #HotboxShow is another packed 90 minutes of South African cannabis culture news and opinion. We'll be chatting to the crew at Marijuana SA in Cape Town about their online weekly cannabis culture show. Podcasting about the podcasters.

Poll: Can kids use cannabis?

  • No way Jose
  • Fo sho mo fo
  • It's complicated

CBDNN: Child cannabis rights in South Africa

CBDNN Breaking News: Lesotho licenses are being cancelled

Sh!t or Lit? review: RAW Double Barrel

Growing with my buds: The right grow book for you

Interview: Marijuana SA


Support those who support legalization

Bongs n Blunts courtesy of The High Co
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Support those who support legalisation

Bongs n Blunts courtesy of

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Love the show 👍

Wow, it's good to see you how free you are doing this show.. This is the good result ot legalized community. In our place, they are keep on the eye on the legalization of medical cannabis. With it, I am so happy and be the happiest one if it is really on the legal track.