The Hotbox Show Ep65 Ft Dana Larsen

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On the first #HotboxShow of 2019 we'll be joined on Hangouts by Canadian activist and author, Dana Larsen He'll be chatting to us about his 'Overgrow Canada 2019' campaign and giving us an update on how Canadians are doing after just over one year of legalisation.

Other profound and earth shattering news includes university weed degrees, the science of coughing after blazing, reverse temp dabs and laced weed - is it real?

We'll also be catching up with Dan and how our studio grow is doing. Will we be transplanting our babies or not this episode?

Tune in from 7pm on YT and FB to find out!

Video Playlist:
Video Live:

  • Intro and gadgets

  • Get woke with a weed degree

  • Hangout guest Dana Larsen gives us the latest on what's going down in Canada

  • Let's grow: How to successfully transplant and dealing with re-vegging

  • WTF is a reverse dab?

  • Is laced weed a real thing?

  • Cures for cannabis coughing

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