The first time i smoked weed

last month

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There is a first time for everything, but there is this first time you will never forget like the first time you drove a car. the first time you had sex, you smoked a cigarette, and the first time you got high on alcohol e.t.c. To some the first time is always the best time, some the first time is the worst time depending on the experience they had. To me, the first day I smoked weed is the day I will never forget in a hurry.

I revisit that day, 4th January 2015 the first time I smoked marijuana. My friend Daniel invited me to join him to a friend’s birthday party which was few blocks away from my house. About 6pm we left for the party once the house was in view I could hear the music. It was so loud I thought the people in there would be deaf by now. The party hall was full of squirming bodies all heated and flooded with intoxicated hormones. As we stepped in we were welcomed by a smoke screen from cigarette and marijuana. After exchanging pleasantries with some old friend we met there we found a sit in the hall.

There was a lot of weed being passed around, Daniel handed me a joint, i was surprised he’s passing the weed to me since he knew I have never smoke weed before, i only smoke cigarette. I was so nervous to take a drag. I was like what if i run mad? I have heard stories of people who tried smoking weed the first time and they lost their minds. he told me it wasn’t a big deal and that i had to try it. I reluctantly took a quick hit, like 3 puffs and handed it back to him after coughing endlessly as tears ran down my eyes. Daniel laughed hysterically and asked if i am afraid to smoke the KUSH and showed me how to drag it properly into my lungs, i took a deep breath and inhaled it, for a while and exhaled. I slowly looked at the direction he sat because my vision was blurring and passed the joint back to him. I was super duper HIGH. Daniel was watching me closely every move I made, everything he said sounded funny. I started having hallucinations; Colorful images of ghost- like creatures were rotating round my head. I saw ugly images laughing at me in my imagination. Everyone around me looked like shadows. I couldn’t take it anymore. I told my friend I was going home I need to rest my head as it was growing bigger and lighter. He walked me down to my house and returned to the party. I sneaked into the house through the back door I didn’t want my mother to see me in this state.

As soon as I lay down on my bed I knew I was in trouble. I heard sirens up in my head. Everything was spinning around me, I closed my eyes and started visualizing things I have never seen before in my life. At last, I slept off and woke up the next morning. I couldn’t forget the experience I had that day, Smoking weed the first time is the best time I ever get high like a jet plane. Lol
Hey stoners what are your stories about your first time smoking weed?

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