Gifs are hard!

in #smoking
2 months ago

Title say it all. Showin y'all how the Mobius bubbles. Had to split it a million times till they were small enough to upload, hence the title. None the less enjoy the bubbles. Peace, Love, and SMOKE! Cheers! Enjoying my unknown home grown lol.




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It took you a lot of work, but the GIFs are amazing 🤩 With a logo in them, could be a great marketing gif for the platform 💚



Stole the logo from google cuz i couldnt save it on my phone from the app 😐 sorry.


Its ok 😊 Thanks for the effort 💚


Maybe after i figure out how to keep the size down i can add extra effects.

Damn bro, compress that smoke in there. That was a choker. I swear the smoke got yeller....

Smoke on...


Surely was a choker! Aint gonna lie, had to take a breather after that one, but also had to figure out the gif so it worked out lol.


It was a massive one! Choker can be the best high for me sometimes! If you don't cough you don't get off right?? :P

You did a good job! You milk your pipe very well and the hit seems really thick and dense! That's the right way to get things going! Awesome!!