We upload the first video to TheWeedtube to promote Smoke.io

7 months ago

Hello Smokers! This is the first video we made for Smoke.io and we have posted it on the platform of The Weedtube to promote Smoke among TWT users.

On the one hand, I'm really sorry I did not arrive in time for the @skylinebuds contest, but still we have to continue promoting Smoke.

About the video ....

A few days ago we went for a walk along the coast. Towards a splendid day, the sun shone, the temperature was pleasant and everyone was on the street.As there was quite a movement of children walking with their parents, we decided to make the herb joint in the car so as not to attract attention.

So while Green-der-man was making the joint I was recording him as he prepared everything.

Knowing already of the existence of the TWT platform, we have taken advantage of this video to promote Smoke.io within it. To the video we have added text that gives a small explanation of what Smoke is.

We have uploaded the video to the theweedtube platform but when embedding the video in Smoke an error appears. So when you click on the image of the video it will open in the browser in full screen.

imagen para el video smoke.png

We know that it is not better video of the world hahaha. I also realized too late that the letters are too small or maybe I should have chosen another color for them ... like green. But good we could not stop contributing our bit to attract more people to the platform.

Yes, we hope to improve the editing of videos :D

If with this video we manage to attract at least one person from TWT we will be very happy.


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Vibe With Me by Joakim Karud: http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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Huy! El vídeo me recordó el grinder que tenía antes que era igual. Lo primero que perdí fue la paleta ;) demasiado pequeña jajajaja


Jajaj nosotros siempre estamos pendiente de no perderla. Es muy apañada para arrastrar los restos.

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I do not understand what you mean by that ¿?

great video .... im still figure out what to upload on weed tube :)