Experiencing Amsterdam [Day 1: Amnesia, O.G kush + A perfect circle]

8 months ago

Hello friends smokers, have spent more than a week since we made the last publication.

We have been and we have already returned from Amsterdam and with the sweatshirts put to all the places that we were going.

In this past week we have found it impossible to make publications through telephone. Apart from that it is very uncomfortable the images of my phone for some reason do not load in the editor of the platform.

So friends, I gave up and I decided that when I will be at home I would tell you everything we were seeing and trying out in the Dutch city.

Day 1...

On Sunday at two o'clock in the afternoon we was already in Schiphol the airport of Amsterdam. We were without exaggerating half an hour wandering around the airport looking of Uber stop. The service was fast in less than five minutes the driver was where the GPS indicated us. If we had known before we would have avoided many laps.

The Uber left us right at the door of the hotel where we were going to host Q-factory. We chose this hotel because it has an economical price. The night does not exceed 40 euros. And the truth is that we was not wrong. Not only is it a Hotel, it has a nightclub, rehearsal rooms, music store, offices, cafeteria and restaurant all built in an industrial way. Totally recommended.

We stayed at the hotel for a short time, dropped our bags and went in search of somewhere to eat. Around the hotel there is a shopping area with gym, shops, minimarkets and what we were looking for, food.

It was close to five in the afternoon when we finished eating and we did not have much time to reach the center in search of a coffee shop because at eight o'clock in the afternoon the A perfect circle concert began at AFAS Live.


As we wanted to smoke something before going to the concert we looked for a Coffee shop around the hotel area and eureka, we found one.

It was a pretty small place. At the entrance there was a counter and behind it a bookcase full of paper books, grinders and chocolates. In front of the counter hung on the wall a poster with the varieties of cannabis that were available. There was also hashish and joints already bundled. In principle to not complicate a lot we bought a joint already bundled. This was Amnesia and its price was three euros.

We entered the room, there was a sofa against the wall and two tables. In the room we were four people, two women, a man who seized the remote control of television (at least he played good music) and the two of us.

At our pace we went smoking the mega joint. We are used to smoking on short paper and this was done on a long piece of paper. I do not know how much grass was in that joint, I guess it's enough because it took us about an hour to finish it. It was time to leave and I could not get up from the sofa, I was close to him. The Amnesia joint had beaten me well since the first puff.

But all those sensations ended just walking a few meters on the street. It was very cold, so immediately we were fresh as a lettuces.

The concert ended at midnight. So we thought that it would be best to go to the hotel to rest and start Monday with energy. But of course, before sleep we wanted to smoke something to relax and sleep well.

So we went back to the same place where we had been in the afternoon, but this time we bought a gram of O.G kush, it cost us about ten euros. Everything has to be said ... it's expensive, but it was very good. More or less with that amount he gave us to do three.
We also got a little book of Smoking of the long ... because of the short one there was not, a pack of cardboard for the nozzles and a grinder.

Inside the hotel room you can not smoke, but luckily our room had a communal balcony and there we could smoke. The problem ... the cold. So we had no choice but to taste that delicious O.G kush in the cool Dutch.
It was a bomb that we ended up falling, in my cause a narcotic effect almost immediately. It was touching the pillow and falling deeply into the arms of Morpheus.


With these publications we hope to show you our experience in Amsterdam. We hope to see you on Day 2.


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Wow. Your first day sounds dope. That hotel sounds amazingly good. I'll note it for when I go there. Can't wait to hear the other days.


hahaha yes, because the truth was the lightest day. The hotel is very good if you click on the name your page opens. How happy I am to read that, we will soon bring day 2: D


I'll look it up a bit more. I was looking for a good one for when I get to go but all the ones I found where expensive. A lot.

That joint is one damn big-ass joint, so no wonder that it took an hour to smoke, haha!


That’s a normal one. Looks machine rolled though, most hotels and tourist area coffee shops tend to have machines.

Smaller indie coffee shops usually offer no pre-rolled joints. Too much work. 😂


This was very small and pre-enroled only has Amnesia and hashish. Everything else was the weight: D


Ah well, the joints I've smoked have been much smaller, but I'm quite new to smoking, after all :D


If it was very big, the last puffs were an agony hahaha!


Oh yeah, usually the last puffs seem to be more dense also, at least according to my little experience :P

Have fun in our capital!


We have had a lot of fun and we have fallen in love with your city! Maybe next time we can see each other there! : D


I guess they are no loner in Amsterdam

Looks like you had fun. Expecting part 2 soon. Can't wait to see how it was. How long you stayed there.


We enjoy as haha dwarfs. I hope to share soon the day 2 so as not to wait long and for the memories to forget me hahaha. We were six days.

Back then pre-rolled joints were usually 0.3 gram.

A Perfect Circle was definitely a good gig to start the trip with. Great planning.


Ahh then it is an interesting fact to know. Because with a pre-rolled joint you do not really know how much you're smoking. The final decision to travel to Amsterdam was that concert because in Spain they have not done a tour. The trip in general has been great! Thank you!

Amsterdam is a wonderful city with free people and a lot of cofee shops... I have visited this city many times and would like to live in it. I'm waiting your next post with your experience in Amsterdam. Happy SMOKE! RESMOKED


Yes, this is a city full of charm in general. This has been my first time.Hahaha we also want to live there, we like the Dutch way of life, culture and society. I will bring the second day soon! Thank you very much for the support: D


I am 100% sure that you will return in Amsterdam in one of your next holidays!


Haha of course! even if it's only for two days :)


A holiday in AMSTERDAM is ok a weekend!

I guess your experience in Amsterdam was amazing......waiting for day 2


It is the first time I go to Amsterdam and it was a great experience that I would repeat again and again. In general, it is very different from Spain.

I love your clear descriptions, i am watching out for day 2


I like that you like it: D. Let's see what you think about the second day. Thank you!

Weed is crazy expensive in Ams ... strangely enough it costs more than illegally sourced in the neighbouring countries...


If it is expensive. At ten euros gives me for a few days. But it is true that quality and knowing what you are smoking, you pay for it.

Wow really nice pictures.
Wish a lot of fun, good smoke and a nice evening. Will follow you. Greetings from Germany


Thank you! I'm glad you like them soon I will share the day 2.
Greetings :D

I hope you enjoyed my city... there are tons of stuff to see and smoke here. If you need any info don't hesitate ;)


We really enjoyed it a lot. For me I would have stayed there to live. We hope to return soon the truth, even if it is to be a couple of days and we would love to be able to make a meeting with people from Smoke Amsterdam: D
Thank you!

Looks like a fun time


It was one of the first fun moments haha, thank you! : D

YAASSS! Cutest couple on smoke.io .. especially in those hoodies, damb!


So handsome we were for 6 days, with sweatshirts put in all the places we went and now we have to put them in our city. Thank you very much: D

I guess the later end of day 1 was the best?...i hope to see more of this amsterdam experience


Hahaha yeah! Nothing better than rest well agusto: D. Thank you!

Awesome :)
Looks like you had a blast!
That king spliff is a monster!
Nice read :)
Did you try any stroopwaffles :D


Hahah thank you very much! The truth is that it was an incredible experience. I will try to capture it as faithful as I can. Yes, that joint was a brown beast, it cost us but we could with the hahaha.

The stroopwaffles! noooo! I saw them but I did not try them. Here they sell them in the supermarkets, those if I tried them :( I imagine that newly made has to be more good.
But...I ate a lot of fried potatoes with curry ketchup: D
Thank you!!

Loved the reviews and the amazing sweaters! Great marketing for the platform :)


I'm glad you like both things hehe! We thought that the hoodies was a good idea, also super warm. Thank you! : D