#RoachSunday.....💣NO LIGHTER😨

2 years ago

♡Is it already Sunday again?!

I woke up this morning to #themorningbowl hosted by the one and only @davedickeyyall! Then I checked around the platform to see how all the smokers out there were doing. Getting all my tools ready for the #RoachSunday tradition Rolled a blunt, smoked some bowls, rolled another joint.


Life was beautiful....

No sooner than we were going to get the roaches broke down to put in the bowl, I light a cigarette, well tried to, and nothing... what the hell!!! No lighter for #Roach Sunday? Of course I had to call tecnosgirl and tell her my dilemma. I told her I was going on a scavenger hunt! I mean these roaches had to get smoked!

Hiding spots are awesome when you forget where you have hidden things!


Well, at least today they were!!! I found a lighter!!! Woo hoo!!!!! The roaches shall be smoked!!!!

No wait don't spark that bowl!!!!


As you may have noticed I was so eager to get my shit together for #RoachSunday that I realized I didn't have my shit together for #RoachSunday!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone enjoys the New Year!!! It's been one heckuva 2018! So glad to continue on my journey hopefully a bit stronger than before😊


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The lengths one goes


Lol! Right! I was determined to get an entry in! I also forgot to mention the awesome pipe i won from you! See what I'm saying, had it all ready to go and got flustered!!!

You pearl a nice ass blunt man!


Thanks! It smoked pretty slow too😥