Joining @relaylogix in the Fryday smoke sesh!!! Virtual Joint!!!

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last year

It's now Saturday, but hey it's still Frieday to me until I make it to sleep! How is everyone tonight?! I hope all is well for you. I just noticed a post written by @relaylogix that shows how to roll a joint!

Which gave me an idea!!! We might as well keep the rotation going and puff, puff, pass the joint!!! So I am passing the joint over to......hmmmmm....which of you smokers shall it be?


@skylinebuds, it's your hit! Let's see you roll up and share it with the next person of your choice. I want to see how long this Virtual joint will stay lit! You can either make a post of your own or call em out in the comments below! Take a pic of your lit joint and see if the joint stops here...



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O such a great idea. I will send my joint around riggt shortly. Just waking up 😀



I hope the joint makes er back round yonder! Cheers @gr8fulmag420


It might! I think I will even send @skylinebuds 4.20 for participation!!!