Excuse me Smokers!!! It's #Frieday afternoon and the joint is MIA....

last year


High Everyone,
Last Frieday relaylogix rolled up a pretty nice joint and I picked it up and passed it over to skylinebuds. (you can follow the joints trail in the links below.)

Part 1: The Roll UP
Part 2: The Virtual Joint
Part 3: To the LEFT
Part 4: The Fatty Burns
Part 5: The Hemp Wrap Joint
then it was dropped into the virtual world......so @jackdub relight the #virtualjoint and pass it back to @easyrider (I think he was already zoinked last weekend) or if you want to choose another smoker to keep up the rotation that works too!!! I know we get busy in our real world lives so if you receive the joint pass it someone who is an active-active user. That way the joint stays lit and all our fellow smokers can get a little SMOKE.

Psssst, @easyrider.....

all in fun man, all in fun!!!

I would love to see this #communityjoint make its way through the #smoke-network!!! Much love everyone and hope you all have a smoky weekend!!!!

In this song all I hear is Dab, dab, dab. All the #dab is gone


top image from pexels and ran through https://deepdreamgenerator.com
any videos used are to educate people on the joy of the cannabis plant dating back before many of us here were born. I am using these videos to ensure that the good stuff doesn't get lost, don't break my chains!;)

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I was hoping it was going to get passed along monday but it was not 😭

Lets seenif this will rekindle


Well, all @jackdub's gotta do is spark it up!!!! Put the flame to the end of that mfr and inhale all that tasty smoke!!!!!!
Thanks @skylinebuds for always encouraging community engagement!

Still waiting for it to come back round yonder!


maybe you can fire a second joint!!!


I’ll get one rocking a bit later. We’ll get a franken going...

Reading his last post, I'd say he is sleeping like a baby. @jackdub


Looks like he might be in a heavy indica based coma!!!