ELAmental Smoke Out Discussions - Volume 2: Getting too High is Real, New Music Project Announcements, Cosmic Forces from the Solar Flare

5 months ago

My last post was about my first toke back in Oregon from our trip to Acapulco Mexico. The way I formatted that video into sort of a discussion was completely organic and random, and I really liked the way it turned out. Therefore, I have decided to create a new Smoke.io video series called: ELAmental Smoke Out Discussions - unless you guys have a better name for me - if so please comment. This is also an additional effort to create more original content for this platform specifically.

Omitting consumption of dabs since I have been back in Oregon has been quite a switch, but also organic and random. I have been enjoying the subtleties of breathing the divine cannabis sativa flowers once again, without the interference from the effects of cannabis concentrate. It has me feeling quite uplifted at the moment (finally), and for the record - I did in fact get perfectly stoned, and not too high from the tokes I took in the video.

It is so pleasant to be feeling these creative vibes the way I am without concentrate's influence. Nothing against dabs, but I am in a very happy place at the moment, and I am sure I will be dabbing at some point again anyway - so there's no rush. Please enjoy the following video that includes a new, dope ass jazzy Hip Hop beat I am throwing down on with fellow Oregon emcee Von Gage.

Click pic below to play

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Smooth jam, just realized your accent reminds me of makinstuff. Yeah man the bong will get you ripped more than anything - did you have to take many days off smoking for traveling ? maybe tolerance went down a little ? I find i get way more head high with buds than with homemade oil or vapes.


Nope, not one day off. I think it is because I did not smoke any good flower down there, so I think my tolerance being low to flower in particular is the most likely answer.

Hey ,enjoying your posts dude.: )


Thanks bud.

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