Dab Salad! Yummy! Mendo Breath x Wedding Cake x Mango!

last year

I decided to throw a bit of each of the extracts I have right now into one little jar.

I put a bit of each onto my tool and got a nice hearty dab ready!!
It was a very nice combo to try! The flavor was amazing, like the smell of one of those wet naps from KFC I used to sniff as a kid!
The high definately hit me more on the indica side so I'm ready to relax for the rest of the night! Thanks for viewing and until next time, have a fantastic night SMOKErs!
#dabs #dabporn #weddingcake #mendobreath #mango #combo

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  ·  last year

Looks awesome my friend....i'm sure you're having a very chilled time. : ) Great pic's btw....

Looks amazing <3

  ·  last year

Lookin delicious

Cool one buddy...i once taste the kfc diet for my nephew long ago she was a marijuana patient. The sensation was awesome.