A White Christmas

in #smoking
last year

Snow came over night on the farm before I finished cleaning up my plants.

Now got to wait for the plants to thawed before they can be removed.

The best thing about when it snows is how quite and peaceful it is outside.

Here is some Royal Highness Nugs

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Lucky you, We are getting rain today now snow 🤔 first day of winter tomorrow and we got rain and 5c 😟

sitting pretty winter with some fine nugs to keep your warm till spring!! Enjoy the peaceful space.

We will have a white Christmas here too!

Are those cannabis plants all frozen?


I've been gone for awhile, those are my left over small nugd I couldn't get off before the snow. I removed most before the snow.

Dang, were they close to finishing their growth cycle? Or are you going to keep them growing inside after they thaw? Just goes to show how resilient these plants are!