Pre-work ritual on #themorningbowl

8 months ago

Good morning y'all... welcome to #themorningbowl where today I am getting ready to start work.. Anyone remember when I used to work at the moving company.. ? Where I used to get to work 30 minutes early so I could smoke weed right before my shift.. same scene, different job...


Smoking a fatty..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Love that motto, man
“I’m always early... if I’m late I ain’t fkn comin”
Amen brother! 😂

I was always told by my grandfather:
‘If your ass is 15 minutes late, just remember you could’ve been 15 min early.’
Only excuse for being late that he would accept is death. 😆 Oh you died, that’s why u were late..I’ll allow it.

Temporary spike, we are in a recession and we all need to strap in cause it is gonna be a bumping ride for investment crypto and stocks a like. Some areas will be hit harder than others but everyone who has investments is gonna feel it.


Markets are way up, SP500 topping all time highs...we all know what comes after all time highs - capitulation 😬. Long bull run is coming to an end, a good sign of that is the spike...this is how institutions make their big $$$ (on the short side) so they get the pump jack out to lift it higher than it should be only to accelerate the downside pressure when it turns to downside. It’ll get ugly.

Keep eyes on gold and remember cash rules. Save cash but not in the bank. Tangible goods are currency too when you can exchange them for cash anywhere in the world... even cannabis is currency! I started putting nugs in my piggy bank already 😆


I am in a want industry not a need, people want family photos or photos of their kids but when a recession is building I always see it first, as people stop buying their wants and focus on their needs. Many people are already feeling the recession. My husband works in factory in the food production industry food is a need not a want so it is fairly recession proof so my family should be able to ride it out, but for those who depend on what people want income is hurting already and it will get worse. I totally agree about gold but I am just as big into silver and silver is a little more trade-able IMO for goods. But I am all about investing in recession proof items and stayed prepared for SHTF.


And PS:
You must’ve sent some good JuJu on that carry bag because my week veered from crappy to Happy. Much 💚 to you and yours and I’m now sending good JujU to U! ✌️😎🔥🌲


In the worst of times, skills prevail. The more we know and can become independent = the better. I started a small scale heirloom farm so even the worst year of sales won’t starve me when I have excess. Not a bad move, grow your own and rely less on’ll pay off more times than not.