Feathered Friday on #themorningbowl

in #smoking
5 months ago

Good morning y'all.. a tragedy this morning.. I'm out of rolling papers so today The Morning Bowl will actually be a bowl... plus Emily and Pablo join us.. featuring the G Pig orchestra..


Feathered Friday..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Go help the woman buy a car.


Thanks for continued support to crossposting - You doing great as always - keep it up, my friend ...https://weedcash.network/themorningbowl/@davedickeyyall/feathered-friday-on-themorningbowl


He isn't stealing or plagiarizing anyone, and I don't always support the cross posters post but when I do I don't give them a 100% vote, and I seriously don't take kindly to being told how to use my upsmoke. Currently we have very few daily posters and though I don't agree with the cross posting it is better than the plagiarism that gets support that shouldn't. I will occasionally upsmoke cross posted content for many personal reasons but mainly because it made me laugh. But I also won't go on the steem blockchain and give him rewards there too, as if I vote for it on one platform it is the only platform I will vote for it on. I don't need anyone micromanaging my vote. And when we have more daily users posting original content the cross posts don't get my vote or time cause it is going to the original content that isn't cross posted.