Smokin’ Salad Sunday on - It’s #SALADBOWL Sunday

6 months ago


Smokin’ Salad Sunday is upon us once again, so let’s fire 🔥 it up!

It’s time to roast the rainbow and mix it up to end the week properly. What better way to end the week than a nice cannabis salad?

What is a Cannabis Salad? See my first Cannabis Salad Here

It’s simple, really. Save a bud of each different strain that you try and then mix them up & fire away! It’s a great way to enjoy a variety of cannabis and reap the benefits as well. All you need is more than one kind of weed and you’re ready to grind yourself a fine cannabis salad.

For this Smokin’ Salad Sunday, I’m twisting up 2 #strains: Ghost of the M (Indica) + GSC CBD

Ghost of the MujahideenGSC CBD
29% THC • 0% CBD9.74% THC • 16.7% CBD
Grown by Grassroots Cannabis / MarylandGrown by Evermore Cannabis / Maryland

Time to RISE & GRIND


Best of both worlds...



How’s my salad?

Rolled it, smoked it:

This mix had a very Earthy and spicy aroma. Taste was mildly sweet with a hint of pineapple and heavy spiced herb flavor. Definitely has a peppery taste from the GSC CBD flower, but the Ghost of the M gives it a bit more sweetness. This mix offers a high #THC flower, as well as a high #CBD flower, so it really does deliver the best of both worlds.



Very relaxing wave hit me after a few good tokes. Sank into my chair and finished the joint. This mix had a great calming vibe and definitely relaxes the mind and body. It’s a rainy day here so for me that means feeling every past injury that my body has endured.

I torched this mix about an hour ago and I can feel a noticeable difference. The aches are dulled quite a bit and my head feels surprisingly clear. Not a super-stoned head high at all, this mix has a good balanced effect that calms the body but doesn’t slow down the mind. It’s almost 1pm here, so there is still plenty left to get done today. These two strains harmonize very well together. I’ll have to save a little of each for a rainy day.


How can YOU participate in Smokin’ Salad Sunday?

Easy! Drop your salad pics in the comments or even better - write a post and drop your link in the comments. It’s as simple as grabbing two or more kinds of bud and grind away. I look forward to seeing what you all are mixing up. I already know @potspoon is prepped and ready, so 🔥 it up!


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👀 👀 👀 those pictures look great! You’ve made Sunday’s a little more fun!


You topped the charts this week @potspoon! Your salad had me drooling and I just had to fire one up. We have to make this a weekly event 🤣 I love it

I combined Department of Corrections, Passion Fruit and the fire ass unknown strain I had along with a little bit that the neighbors friend gave me to try but he didn't tell me if it had a name. I was pretty good.
But then I also smoked a roach doobie and who knows which strains those were as I have a massive roach collection.


I love a mystery mix. Roach Roast 🔥 would be a good idea for nighttime. I get stupid on some mix roach weed. Like in a bedtime body slam, you’re fried go-to-bed dumbass kinda way 😆


Every Sunday I smoke Roach Weed as part of my religious beliefs, I don't know if you have seen it or not but I do a contest every Sunday called the Roach Sunday Contest. LOL I wrote about the tradition last year you can read about it here


Yeah I did see that! Props to you for the ritual! I save my roaches for hard times but then I burn em all at once 😆

I love that contest you do, I think I’ve guessed once or twice but my scale eye doesn’t work well in pictures..haha In RL it’s pretty close tho!

One day I wanna try this kind of salad jejejeje. Just we need