THC Infused E-Juice, In A Regular Vape?

last year


So a guy I met hooked me up with a free bottle when mentioning I #vape. His instructions were to use as an additive with only a few drops needing to be added to a tank, I don’t listen very well 😅 finished my last tank just before stumbling back to and was not thinking about posting about it.

Seems to be fairly strong and it mixes very well with any flavour I have added it too.... now when searching I seem to find custom built heads to vape a more concentrated thicker substance and nothing like what I was given for free... I have tried those other things and it’s more like taking a fat dab then a vape haul.... not #discrete at all!

Definitely going to hit that guy up for more, hopefully he is still in business 🤞

Have you ever stumbled across any good infused E-Juice? Not that thick stuff that don’t mix but something that can be added to any flavour of choice, it’s freaking amazing!

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