Taking Smoke.io To The Streets #HappyHempDay - Smogging

2 months ago

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First round of promotion artwork distribution done, started with hitting a few gas stations for my first attempt. Tomorrow I’m hoping to find a moment and stop into the local bong shop 💪 My plan is to have all 200 cards distributed to as many different locations as I can by Wednesday morning just in time to catch the attention of any #HappyHempDay eyes 👌 taking a drop a few in many locations approach till I can work out details for store handouts.

Discussed In This Video:

  • Promotional Efforts
  • Complications With Dispensaries
  • Approved By Stairway To Hemp Upisland
  • Thoughts On Gorilla Warfare Promotion Strategy

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Has The Idea Of Being A Witness Crossed Your Mind?
For me it started as a desire to learn if I could do it.

Maybe It's Time To Run That Idea Out?
I for one will be certain to support in any way I can the new witnesses in their efforts to help maintain the blockchain... hit us up in discord 👌

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I make magnets and leave them in high traffic walk way areas on the metal light posts. It is a simple design but they are always gone when I go back, and I have seen people take them off the posts so I know the city isn't removing the that people are. but I only leave 3 or 4 at a time.


Yea I went with photo stock for Graham’s template, quick and easy... just need to find locations which won’t be bothered... Maybe I will hit the bus stops today see if I can find somewhere to secure them for people to take 👌


Great idea... we should just print off a few sheets with Smoke.io logo and post all over the place .... with little tear away strips at bottom so people can take and look up when they get home.... in case they are too stoned to remember Smoke.io


I noticed the one I actually did like that and put in the smoke shop I buy papers from needs a new tear sheet. Next time I come into town I am gonna bring a new one with me.


Probably a better idea then the cards for posting in random locations 👌

Great idea, keep us noted with how it goes :)


Will do 👍

Organic Hemp shops would be a good place....


On the list

See if we can http://www.MyKush.ca on here..... They are out in B.C.

Would be great if we could get them to mention Smoke crypto on their web site.

Maybe they could offer Customers 4.20 Smoke with every purchase ? ...and people will say ? WTF is Smoke crypto ? Where can I learn more ? Where can I Spend it ?

Maybe they can have a Smoke Special....

420 Smoke crypto coins for 1/3 gram of Smoke Kush

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Sent an email with no response yet... things we must think about past the ideas of promotion...

How do you intend to sell them on investing in the platform when they are seemingly doing just fine without?

What do we offer them that they do not already have?

How can a mutual relationship be built which does not leverage one party for the benefit of another?

... So far my assumptions are any where selling smoke-able products is a waist of time as we are seen as competition and not a partner in business.... in no way will they link to our page as that could drive business to our site finding alternative sources away from theirs being directly related to sale of products in an increasingly competitive market.