My New Saionara Rig & God Shatter To Go With, It's Been A Little While

last year


So I splurged and bought myself a new toy and some substance to go with it! Went to go talk about coils for my old Saionara not working. The shopkeeper was well aware of the issues due to getting so sticky it wears out the tab and convinced me to buy a new one at discount including free coils if I wanted to test another batch on my old head.


This version of Saionara has better coils it seems, requires more watts but heats more evenly thus better vape.

It’s from Foggy’s Vapor with their own emblem in black with the red tip... as soon as that dude pulled it out something inside me was saying “just take my money” 😅 ohh that’s sounds bad 🤣


My neighbour was kind enough to hook me up the day previous with some God Shatter by Mr. Nice Guy. It’s fairly glass like so I suppose that means “it be good”, smooth and fairly heavy hitting but it’s been awhile since I smoked any shatter 🤫




Definitely a good purchase with the upgraded coils in the newest version. The shatter I wish was a little softer but each to their own I suppose.

Honestly I’m blitzed so no complaints here!

#vape #shatter #life #high

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Great post. Well I'm more of a rolling paper dude and I've not used a rig yet, but from your review I think it's another cool way of consuming cannabis.


Each to their own, right!

I have always prefered water bongs myself, combo of a dab head on a water bong is dinomite!

Thanks for stopping in my friend, glad you found my post informative ✌

Awesome stuff....what the difference with a vape?


Well its alot like a dab head except you load the shatter inside and heat with a battery from a nicotine vape rig. The main difference is the amount of cloud production/flavour and way of loading. With a dab head it's a one toke wonder type thing but with the vape rig I can load it and i'm good for the day plus it is fairly discrete being a lot smoother I don't choke as much.