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#HappyHempDay Now Supported By 4 Locations

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First week of my promotional efforts coming to an end I am very pleased with my results so far despite the complications faced along the way. I managed to lock down 2 businesses for supporting #HappyHempDay and one has 3 locations on Vancouver Island 👌

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I had thought dispensaries would be easier to convince, not the case but I have a solid lead on my first dispensary working through people I know. Carey the owner of Foggy;s Vapor is a pretty good friend, I always shoot the shit with him when I stop in to buy juice. Was by far the easiest person to talk to about it so far having heard me ramble about my blogging and crypto stuff for over 2 years now. Carey immediately gave me several suggestions right after I told him what our site is all about then continued on that he will distribute the cards I give him to all 3 locations 🙌

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Suggestions From Carey:

  • QR Code link - done and feel free to use it in your works
  • Card Stand - will check dollar store (I am trying to keep expense as low as possible)
  • Dispensary - Carey's brother owns the dispensary just down the road from my work and he will put the bug in his ear for me
  • Alternative Locations - CBD for humans and animals is a big thing and many places offer Hemp Seed Oils and the like, many of which are small mom&pop shops


So... now to go put a few of @chipanda's images together with the QR codes and see how they look and QR's perform after being printed... need to grab ink so I can print some flyer style bulletin board ads to post around... colleges and universities... QR code will come in handy there! Quickly the expenses are mounting and I may possibly make a post about it as this grows, for now I realize the expansion will be costly but maintaining cards should be fairly inexpensive depending on how quick they run out... QR code helps here also as many people will just scan and walk away.

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I took a big haul off it for my first week and made decent progress once I started smoking the right end of the joint 😅 slowing down for week 2 and playing a bit with design and going to talk more with both business owners asking for feedback and provide further information as in a info-graphic style print out.... I like being able to hand people things it adds to the sense of being real vs being all hype. If the paper has all the info I can also take the upper hand by just handing it to them and walking away leaving them feeling as if they wasted my time rather then the opposite, depending on the person could be the push to actually look....

Keeping It Real ✌

We Will Smoke There Together

#promote #smokeio #smokenetwork

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That's awesome. We have been snowed in over here but I am going to print some of my posters today to place in Coffee shops. I checked out Starbucks bulletin Board this morning and they have all kinds of "Alternative Medicine, Yoga, Cooking" postcard type cards posted.


Excellent, be certain to take some pictures and post about it 👍 passion breeds passion ❤️


I think @tecnosgirl had some playing cards made up one time ... That would be a great size card to post on a bulletin board anywhere ..... Smoke Logo, .... Smoke. Get Paid. Repeat .... or Blog.Get Paid.Repeat ... Grow. Share Get Paid Repeat etc etc .... Grow. Get paid. Repeat.


I did up a little template for @chipandas recent horizontal designs with my QR code today... printed and it works perfectly even when small 👌


That’s awesome.


Just posted one on a Bulletin Board outside the Cafeteria in our building - wedged between a Tarot Card Reading Ad and a poster for overcoming Stress and Anxiety Naturally .... took photos ... will upload later - and track progress


Printing now .... Will take some photos of the Bulletin Board. And track how many little strips are taken .,... or if it gets removed.

I'm not going to try dispensaries or Cannabis shops ... too many Strict regulations on Ads .... It's a cut throat business at the moment. Many people are losing on their Investments .... Everyone is suspicious, Everyone is paranoid, cant break the Advertising Rules or you get Shut down by Big Brother .... I am thinking, where do stoners go ? Tim Hortons, Little Caesars, Mikes Milk, Macs, McDonalds, Taco Bell .... places to buy munchies ... places to get in from the cold to warm up ... I am going to find a place to post post cards there. Leave playing cards on all the corner tables. ..


That would be cool if we could get post cards into a tourist shop, they have all sorts of odd things 😅


Another Great idea.

Think about it .... where do you go to Smoke ? Where do you go when you are stoned when you are out and about ? I would put the post cards there. I'm thinking Burger King.


Largely it’s done behind closed doors unless downtown then it’s the less appealing crowd, I’m going to try hit the congregation points near the dispensaries and I have a feel the college and university might be a good spot also.

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QR code is awesome.....


Thanks buddy, I can do one up with a custom background image for you 😉 just send me a decent quality square image 👌

Going to the white paper is the best way to learn.

Great work!


Thank you my friend 🙌