Do You Search Out Places Of Interest To Blaze? El Diablo @ Parksville River - Exclusive

9 months ago

What up my peeps, welcome to another Exclusive Video, bringing a video at you from Parksville River an epic place to blaze with one question in mind.

Do You Search Out Places Of Interest To Blaze?

I do and in this video I explain why, it has to do with nature and why I smoke weed in the first place.

Till Next Time

Smokem If Yea Gottem

#life #vlog #curationbro #cannabis

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Awesome.... nothing better than some smoke out in Nature. .... I bring my little pear wood pipe stuffed with nugs everywhere I go. Especially out in the kayak on a calm lake. You should come share these videos on Hideout.TV .... I'm posting there and earned about $200 so far.


Yea brother, we might be doing the kayak on Sproat Lake today if the weather holds out 👌 will be a first for me 😅 definitely gonna bring some doobs 👍

I saved your referral and will take a look at that site when I get back to a PC and proper internet 😅 thanks for reminding me 🙌

Awesome video man really enjoyed it! I like smoking close to moving water where I live we don't have a lot of places that's worth the trouble but there is a stream with a small waterfall and man is it great to get stoned next to that noise


Yea buddy natural water features are always so pleasant ❤️ I often head to the creek near our place also no waterfall but it has a pretty decent babble nonetheless 👌

Thanks for stopping in 🙏 I appreciate the view 😍

cool video thanks you , and yeah i try to also find a cool haven to enjoy a smoke , recommend it to all


Excellent my friend be sure to share the spot with us once you find it 😇

That was so awesome. Thanks for sharing cheers


I know for certain you guys search for the view points for your videos 😉

Thanks for stopping in brothers 😘

I used to blaze often when I walked my dog, sometimes I'd search out cool spots but usually vaped whilst power walking 👌 Nowadays it's more indoors 👍


Yeah I kind of miss blazing indoors but nothing beats finding a nice view to enjoy ❤️ Haven’t had a place that allow smoking inside since forever ago 😅

One thing is for certain, trying to find interesting places to blaze is often complicated 😉