Blazing Away The Morning Chill

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2 months ago


Been playing with images a little bit from time to time while struggling with this sciatic issue 🤦‍♂️ Mornings are ruff! I’ll do a full write up on what combination of treatments which seem to help the most when I can sit and focus at the computer for more then 10mins at a time.

So far my leg is numb unless sitting then it starts to turn painful with the I just gotta move kinda pain.

I have absolutely no idea what triggered it other then possibly a wrong lift at work. Several chiropractic appointments later and I can walk without unbearable pain. The leg just has no strength so I’m limping around like one of those inbred, dead leg, hill billies from my home town. Best guess is nerve impingement 🤞 tomorrows appointment does me a little better.

That’s it, @D00k13 Out!!!

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sorry to hear the back trouble.. Father bless my friend with health in the mighty name of Jesus


Much appreciated my friend, God bless


Amen. Just need the correct mixture and proportions of the Holy Kaneh Bosm.

Awesome view. Hope your back gets better. maybe some high CBD would help ?


Aye I have been eating a fair amount of candies 😅 best so far are the creams for immediate relief but nothing really makes it completely go away ... I am working though so it’s not getting worse at least 🤞 I believe the direct application is speeding up healing process as the muscle just need to relax