Blazin’ Night Life - Further Logo Concepts

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7 months ago


Was a bit of a busy night working Skip The Dishes... really haven’t gotten much accomplished for posting or anything today...


I did get a logo kind of mocked up to give an ideas of what I am shooting for with the background being blended into the badge.

Placed on a round gradient to emphasize the badge or I can use the just blended image above to make it look part of my webpage.

I think I may prefer the white “1” over the blue but I do like the “network” background blended in either way. I will be doing up a few more concepts tonight so I can flush a few final logos out and see how they look on my page. I plan to pull colour theme for my page from the logo which may also look better with the white “1” 🤔


Out Smoking Green Crack


Here is hoping this bad boy will give me the creative buzz to start something video oriented ... I’ll do a vlog maybe 🤔 we will see how I feel after a second... the first just didn’t quite do the trick 😅

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Has The Idea Of Being A Witness Crossed Your Mind?
For me it started as a desire to learn if I could do it.

Maybe It's Time To Run That Idea Out?
I for one will be certain to support in any way I can the new witnesses in their efforts to help maintain the blockchain... hit us up in discord 👌

Join The Discord Here

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Awesome photography edits... looks like the galaxy behind you.


Yea man was going for a blurry star filled night 😎 sometimes I just enjoy the playing with things more then anything 😁

Great nug 😊 Which program did you use to create the logo? 💚


Combo of Canva and Photofox on mobile, playing with a white version now and defiantly has a little more pop to the “1”


Thanks 🙂 I never tried Photofox but i will install it, i mostly use snapseed.


Snapseed looks pretty good but very ... basic? Probably strong at what it does but lacking the AI intuition of PhotoFox though at times the simple things are impossible on that one SMH

between Enlight Suite & Thumbnail Maker .... and now Canva cause I am trying the 30 days free on PRO at least .... I pay for subscriptions for the entire Enlight Mobile iOS package ... I have basically everything I need for creating high quality video and images. Best deal was the entire Enlight suite for purchasing Photofox though I don't make use of the apps for posting all the time to make the money back I do enjoy playing like I said. Though it has most definitely paid for itself in 2 years through my blogging and vlogging.

Pixaloop is kinda interesting, still learning how to get a good animated effect out of it.

Quickshot is that Instagram worthy quick editor... you know in the movies where the Influencer does some magic shit with a phone camera and boom she is walking on the moon in your new store with MJ in 2 seconds flat.. that is Quickshot 🤣🤣🤣

Videoleap is what drew me into Enlight in the first place. The most powerful intuitive simply beautifully refined mobile video editor EVER!
I find all their apps evolve quickly and every 6 months I have to relearn how to master the tools, frustrating but very rewarding. All of my best edited works have come from this app, no AI intuition on PC to aide in fine tuning edits 😅

I will put it this way, I would proudly be an Enlight Suite Spokesperson!


I'm using only snapseed to retouch pictures but i'm quite curious about the ones you mention.
By the way, if you're into gaming, epic games is offering GTA V premium edition :)


Yea have no way of playing games anymore LOL last thing I owned was a 360 that red rings after 45 mins of hard play.

Thanks for the offer though 😅

Legit ...what a sweet morning


thanks buddy, what you think of the logo?