#HappyHempDay - Droppin' A D00k13 LIVE Broadcast

7 months ago

#HappyHempDay Smokers, Coming at you live for 4:20PM GMT-7 In these Streams, Brett and Cam will be chatting a little about investments, cannabis, and things of interest obviously while partaking in a mid week #HappyHempDay chill session. This week while testing out our platform of live streaming and engagement we hope to ensure everything works and we can transition from chatting into displaying something for the audience while maintaining a solid connection and video chat with discord. We would love to test our live engagement so please do comment from what ever platform you are tuning in from or stop into the #onelovedtube discord https://discord.gg/Pp42Sdn and join the voice/video chat 😁#smokeio #smokenetwork #cannabis #restream.io https://restream.io/?ref=mmRvA

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Thought the drain was a huge water pipe. 🤓


LOL nope just when the lady upstairs empty's her sink 🤣🤣🤣

Happy hemp day @d00k13 😊 i really enjoy your videos 💚


Thank you buddy, glad you appreciate it. You could always join us for the live show next week if available pop into the onelovedtube discord and in voice chat we can bring you on ... on video if willing or just audio 😎

This is great...I am not going to miss this


Next week my friend I will be going live same time same place, would love for you to join in the conversation 👍

I will be giving plenty of notifications ahead of time, here is hoping next week Brett will show!

Happy Stoners man.... Let's have a great hemp day. Smoke up fellas


Happy hemp day buddy thanks for stopping in 👌