Watermelon J in Honor of @jackdub

3 months ago



For the contest being hosted here by @jackdub and #cryptosmokers I decided to grab my favorite pack of flavored papers. I bought a fifty pack of these a few years ago. This might actually be the last pack it off the group.




Since we're talking flavored papers I've been using juicy Jay's pretty much exclusivity side I was a teenager. They burn well. Have just enough flavor. The fun sticks well and if stored properly last a few years.




I picked up this nice looking chronic about a week ago. It came from the black market so who knows if this is accurate but I was told it was some diesel. It does have that familiar pungent smell so it just might be.



Can't smoke in my place so I actually just stepped back inside from enjoying this. It got nice and I'm already a little toasted. I could really taste the watermelon today.

#cannabis #smoke

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Those seeds look like you drew them on the paper lol

Fun entry! I totally forgot about the contest... I like how the joint is bigger than you!🤣

Thanks for the photo-finish entry.
Creative way of showing us...
Is that the helper from garden?

Liking the watermelon papers ....nice post...: )

Ah that's awesome, those watermelon papers are red - with the seeds, that's cool. I like the helping hand with the rolling lol. Those buds look nicely coated, they do have the resinous diesel look to them - thanks for the entry :)