Hi I'm Chronic

last year


Hello smoke.io,

You can call me @chronic. I got my user name from my favorite stoner movie Jay and Silent Bob strike back. The action figure you see is of the character Chronic from the movie which I think I'm going to adopt as my avatar.

My good friend/ex roommate tried to get me on to steemit about a year ago and I didn't like it. However when he showed me smoke.io i knew this was something I could get into. I'm new to this whole blog thing so try to bare with me.


A few days ago I saw this contest by @canna-curate and decided it was time to make my first post. https://smoke.io/contest/@canna-curate/win-smoke-for-telling-us-your-favorite-method-and-apparatus-you-use-to-consume-cannabis Although I'm sure many of you have seen me around commenting.

My two favorite ways to consume are by rolling something up or glass pipe. Since @canna-curate wanted to see are favorite apparatus I busted this out. I just call it "the double." The reason I like it is you can fill each bowl with a different kind of chronic. Then you can either fire them up one at a time or both at the same time! It pulls very smoothly. The reason I like glass pipes is it gives me the cleanest flavor for my black market nugs. It also tends to get you super baked since it's two bowls in one.



Shout out and thanks to my boy @armshippie for teaching me about smoke and #canna-curate for getting me to do my first post with this contest.

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Bro I'm so glad you finally made your first post!! Welcome to smoke man, I told you you'd fit right in.


You weren't wrong. Thanks for the support man.

Great first post and awesome “the double”!

That would be totally my thing to smoke two different strains, always loved me some nice cocktail.


Thank you.

Welcome to smoke. A friend of @armshippie is a friend of mine!


Haha thank you he told me to look you up when I got here.

That pipe is totally a kick ass pipe js....


Thank you I agree 100%

Amazing first post, great toy and piece and photos and oh just amazing first post like I said at first.


Thank you for the multiple compliments ☺️

Wow, I've never seen a double pipe before! Learn something new every day!


I've seen at least a couple others. This is the coolest though, at lest in my eyes.

I don't think i've seen a double bowled pipe before, let alone a glass one - that's awesome. Good idea with loading up 2 different strains, not only the effects, but back and forth with the strain flavors too - thanks for you entry in the apparatus contest :)


I'm glad you enjoyed and I'm glad I could show you something new.

Welcome to smoke. That is a fabulous pipe!

Welcome to smoke family! Nice post for the first time, if you love weed this I the right place for you!
Good luck and...

Smoke on!


Well I do love weed and so far I'm loving smoke.

Welcome to Smoke.io! I am amazed nobody bagged the name @chronic until now, well done! Awesome pipe ... fun pics looking forwards to more :)


I got excited when I was thinking of funny weed names, this was one of the first that popped into my head and I was excited it was avaliable.

High there bud!

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Welcome to smoke.io! That's a pretty sweet pipe!


Hmmm...are you Sure this is the right place for your reply on our comment. Think you wanted to comment on post.
Can we have more of that what you are smoking? Looks good 😂


haha, you're totally right! *passes joint..


Hahaha hey pass it this way.

I just found you through the Canna-Curate contest. Nice to have you. What a cool pipe and such a wonderful idea to let this figure play your model!

I love what I am seeing here. Followed. All the best for your smoke.io blog!

Welcome to the family, that double pipe though. Keep enjoying your stay here.


I will indeed, thank you for the warm welcome.

WTF! That is a crazy pipe!


Hahaha I'll take that as you like it.

Nice entry! Good luck


Thank you for the contest and encouragement.

:O Welcome :D


Thank you 💨☁️

I have never seen a double pipe before, awesome.


Seems not many people have, glad I shared it even more now.

perfect name!


😎 thanks

Welcome to the Smoke Family. I hope you have fun here. I love that pipe of yours. Being an avid pipe collector I have never held a two-boweld pipe. Very nice piece. I will have to scour the fractal roads for one like that. Thank you for this knowledge. See you among the pipes.


Thank you. I wish you luck in your search for one.




very cool!

welcome to SMOKE.IO if ya ever have any questions feel free to ask. If I dont know your answer, I can put you to someone who can!

Good to see you here among us. Always a good thing when some cool people joins us. That means we are moving forward. slowly but surely.


I'm glad to have found it and am excited to see where it goes.