Greetings from Chronic

9 months ago


Puffing a fatty and dropping in on smoke today. I figured a nice joint would get me in the mood to do a little curating. I love doing in to see what all the good people of are up to.

I might not post that often but I'm always lurking around and randomly comment.


Right before I made this post I noticed that I had just reached an epic milestone! 420 posts for the win! Here's to the next 420!

#curate #cannabis #fourtwenty

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Dude you need to start a whole series staring @chronic!

Goodluck for your another 420, that's a lotta bulky post to do but you can do it still, smoke on!

Hey there @chronic! I see your last post was 3months ago lol. Say bye to 420posts you now have 421 😂

haha nice milestone 👌