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What's up guys! How's it going? While I'm just chilling and smoking some pretty decent weed. The usual sativa dominant outdoor grown, I thought I would share an interesting story.

Last weekend I got to play the most epic board game I've ever seen. It's called "The Dead Of Winter." Have you guys played it? If not, I highly recommend you do. For a board game, it gets pretty thrilling. Also it's Co-op up to five guys. While I won't be getting into too much details on how the game works as it gets complex :P I"ll put up a link to an article who does a way better job.

The theme of the game is zombie apocalypse and the main objective(apart from choosing one, which I will get to) is of course, to defend the colony. It's a turn based game. Each player controls two characters. Each character has some kind of unique special power which could help in achieving the main objective. Before the game starts, we need to select an objective. The main objective decides the number of rounds and the morale to start with. Each time someone dies, the morale goes down by one. If morale goes to zero, the game ends. All you have to do to win the game is to survive those many rounds while keeping the morale above zero. Sounds easy right? Nope, it's *uckin* hard.

I forgot to mention that there's a crisis deck. Every round there's a new crisis which needs to be averted. If not, like anything in life, they have dire consequences :D Apart from the main objective, each player gets secret objectives which must be completed before the game ends in order to win. Can the game get more tougher than this? Hell yeah! There's a one out of ten chance that there might be a betrayer amongst you all. You heard me right. A betrayer, as clearly as the name says, is looking out to destroy the colony. At the same time he is looking to finish his secret objectives. There is no way to figure out who it could be unless you're a detective by profession. It usually takes hours to finish a game out of at most co operation and all of that effort can be crushed in seconds if you know the art of betraying(Not glorifying). The creators of this game are responsible for a lot of frustration :P

Honestly I've barely scratched the surface and I'm way too lazy to type so much. Unlike me, this article does justice at explaining the game. Have a good one. Cheers!

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Sounds pretty good. Definitely funny when you're high. I think it's best that there is always a new crisis.
It was really fun to read, even if it's more about the game than the weed. Cool


it's best that there is always a new crisis.

Lol trust me, the game is next to impossible to win. Crisis makes things even more difficult :P Check out the game it's good fun.

Sounds intriguing my friend, I think I will have to investigate this game now. Bong on bro. :-)


Yes, please do. If you're into strategy based games, you'll love this one. I haven't even got to the cross roads part where the entire course of the game could change depending on the characters in play.