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There are so many reasons for smoking. Most young people smoke for the enjoyment of it. Some smoke because they are addicted to it and others smoke due to pressure from friends.

Well, one says A and another says B. If it is that bad, then why is it legalised?

Even if I'm a fan of it, but what i do know is that when these world cabals wants to discourage people of something, they usually push out and exaggerate the negative impacts

I know a lot of old men who are chain smokers, they said they have been smoking right from when they were young.

Today, death by sugar related disease is more than that of smokes, yet the society frowns on those who smoke because of religious sentiments.

I don't discourage the effort in bringing to light some hidden dangers of smoking by some medical practitioners but i just want to point out a truth we usually shy away from.

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Switch to vaping


Please I don't understand sir @indica
Give me link if I need one


Just Google 'cannabis vaporizer' or 'ecigarette' for nicotine.


I don't know know what vaping is sir


Vaping is evaporating the cannibinoids and inhaling these products, as opposed to inhaling combusted cannabis smoke


Confirm!!! Thanks a lot Sir @indica
I'll check it out now