With a lot of weed - unexpected harvest.

last year


Hello friends of Smoke.io - Time away from the world but I am here haha, I have dedicated most of the time to my cannabis plants, today I am vigilant because days ago I stole two plants and for security reasons I was forced to my person to cut some and move the other plants to another part.


Obviously for me this is enough grass to smoke, it is a great shame to have to cut cannabis plants at a young age and not be able to grow them properly.


I just hope that whoever stole my cannabis plants is not a police officer because I would be screwed if I were to tell me haha, I run smokers risk, but always forward.

Live cannabis.


What would you do if you lived in a place where cannabis is illegal and you steal two plants from your crop?

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You smoke the buds not the leaves


I had to cut almost all my plants for my safety, I could be the victim of another robbery.

Did you steal the plants or someone else stole your plants? Stealing is bad :/


Two cannabis plants were stolen: this saddened me a lot.