#Smokeradio05 - The reason why the United States attempts against Venezuela

last year


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21/02/2019 - SMOKERADIO - # DAY05

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Today I want to do this a little more interactive I would like to know your opinion about some questions that I will leave you next, this is a very important issue and creates great expectation worldwide, currently is living a very unpleasant situation for all Venezuelans and would like know what they think about all this.

1- Do you think it's OK to block a country's economy to the point of collapsing it?

2- Do you see well that a group of people in a country interfere and take the decisions and actions of another country of which they do not belong?

3- Is it okay to start a war that affects millions of people of a continent and especially of a country just for political purposes?

Today I am being affected by this stupid situation, as Venezuelans do not accept that the United States wants to get into my country without any legal condition to establish things and make decisions without the power of any citizen of my country, today many Venezuelans with brain do not support this black and criminal cause of a country which took negative actions that affects in all aspects a population. Using a camouflage of a help to take advantage of an ignorant minority.

If the United States wanted to help Venezuela with good faith to get ahead and have optimal progress, it simply released the blockades towards its economy, did not conject Venezuelan State funds abroad and did not promote a war in which many innocent people would be affected, It is so stupid to support this cause and I feel very sad about it when thinking that there are Venezuelans supporting the same people who are sinking them, Venezuela has been affected by economic blockades in the United States, from 2012 to 2014 these measures have been I have been increasing, leaving many people who have decided to migrate to other countries in absolute poverty, psychology has influenced this and this is because social networks have been involved in all this, as well as the internet, this is a country dependent on the imports and the North American country controls and leads most of the territory through which most of the exported the world, blocking the access of Venezuelan merchandise through these roads is a KO for the state.

Transit map of the world economy

Read a little more about this.

If we analyze merchandise trade by country, the United States is the first country in the world in 2011 with exports and imports of 1,480 and 2,266 billion dollars respectively, which represents a trade deficit of 785,000 million dollars and a 5 , 2% of GDP. China and Germany belong to the United States, with a trade surplus of 155,000 and 218,000 million dollars, 2.1 and 6.1% of their GDP respectively. Japan occupies the fourth position with a trade deficit of 32,000 million dollars.

The pressure of the United States was more constant and aggressive when the Venezuelan State announced the use of a cryptocurrency which aimed to disappear the dollar of the world economy today is in operation and in full development of this cryptoactive "PETRO", we all know the power that has the blockchain and is that using this technology for a world trade catapultaria the dollar to failure and this in such a way would affect the American economy because the blockchain is a reliable and safe technology, you can check it with the Bitcoin that was totally criticized by some rulers of the North American country. This and other factors are not in good taste for the United States and this is where the selfishness comes in against a country that has all the potential to be a great power but today is being torn down by the same dollar that does not want to abandon trade. interior of Venezuela.

These events have my balls full, there is a phrase that says: By ignorance we will dominate more than by force and this is a clear example of it, maybe some will call me imbecil or ignorant but you have to be very blind to not realize all the bad that is happening today. I would like you to analyze this text and as a human being, give me your opinion about this topic.


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Peace and love my people

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Cuba 2.0

Interesting how rising economy supports nationalism while collapsing turns to socialims.


If this continues, Venezuela will become Cuba 3.5 beta version haha


Sadly, this is not funny.


I know, I live this situation in my own flesh and believe me it's not funny for me, but imagine, here a smile is a bit of encouragement, although this situation will erase it from your mouth every day.

show them who's boss and legalize weed completely


All countries have to do is legalize cannabis :) that is the real war for which you have to fight.