#smokeradio02 - Monday rasta

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Hello friends of smoke, today is the second edition of #smokeradio here in smoke, as you can always share your moments with us while smoking good cannabis and enjoy good music, today starting the week with Monday Rasta, you will listen to the best songs of Reggae to fill your day of peace and joy while doing your routine a little different.

18/02/2019 - SMOKERADIO - #DAY02

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My moment.

Listening to a good reggae while I explore my art, although it is not the best drawing I have done but I like it because it has something to do with SMOKE, haha ​​if you ever saw this animated series you will understand the meaning of this drawing.


The fire arrived


This friend brought weed


To refresh also the water arrived - Let's smoke!!!


Together we can be one, together we are more, in the union is strength and in the union is peace, it is good to share, it is good to enjoy, it is great to be happy in a world without inequality.


Does cannabis create equality? - Do you support the companionship? - Or do you like mass disunity?

Good vibes my people, it's time to take the dust out of your ears so you can listen to good music in the rastafary style and you feel like in Jamaica while you smoke weed.

Monday rasta

UB40 - kingston town

Rawayana - Sin dormir

SOJA - You And Me ft. Chris Boomer

The Green - I Will

Rawayana - Falta poco

Cultura Profética - No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley Cover)

I hope you have enjoyed this episode of #smokeradio, do not forget to interact and share your moment in the comments to win something from SMOKE.

Peace and love my people

live music, live cannabis, live smoke.


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I'm a fan of more aggressive style music. This is my rasta music :D

That pokemon drawing is awesome haha


Hahaha what is your favorite music genre? every day in #smokeradio you listen to great music.


I can't really say I have a favorite because I listen to specific music depending on the mood or what I'm currently doing (chilling or working, focusing, relaxing or training). Can tell that I prefer Rap and Hard rock/metal style of music, sometimes I take a day or two of brainwashing with dubstep or similar xD


Great, it's good to have a preference for music completely and not just for a specific musical genre. I admire you haha, tomorrow is a rock special in #smokeradio I hope you enjoy good music. Regards!


Thanks hh :) Being stuck to a genre was my teenage mistake that won't repeat ever again since I realized how much I missed out, but still, can't get out of prefrences of my ears and mind, it's what you get haha.

Tommorow is a rock special
I will definitely check it out.
I hope you enjoy good music.
You too :D