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7 months ago

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Hello my people, how is everything?
Today I report totally doped seeing many stars and thinking many things, at this moment I think I have calmed down a bit the effect of a Silver Haze cetas that manages to get a friend from the city. I had about 1 week without knowing what is the sensation of the effects of Cannabis.

This brother, while smoking, told me about the powerful Quantum Kush, it is worth noting that in my life I tried it only once and this was the reason why I was a bit inspired by this publication, this kind of sativa. It has a great power and high content of THC.

Quantum Kush

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A class of cannabis sativa, this has a combination in which you can get a complex aroma between earthy and sweet. Its effects are very great and remain for a long time, although this depends on the way you consume it. Quantum Kush offers mental clarity, normal relaxing effects and increases appetite to an unimaginable level, which becomes a powerful cannabis.

Effects and attributes of Quantum Kush

As for the effects, this kind of cannabis stimulates the mood of those who consume it and keeps you 100% happy, if you smoke something like this you will not be surprised when you have a fit of laughter without knowing why. Equally you will be full energies during its effect, your body will be relaxed and at the same time very active for any circumstance although everything depends on the quantity of cannabis that you consume.

Medicinal attributes

Quantum Kush can take you away from depression and make you forget all your stress, relieves pain, although it is not your main attribute but it eliminates fatigue and increases your appetite.

Negative effects

If you consume high amounts can create something in you called paranoia, dizziness, very red eyes and completely dry mouth, very rarely usually leave no more than a headache but as I said before, all this depends on the amount you consume. A moderate consumption is recommended because it is a strong class.

I hope this publication has been of total interest to you, without anything else to be able to add I dismiss until a next publication.



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Very nice review. QK sounds like the strains I like. That clears up the mind and doesn't fog it up. I like the energy aspect you speak of and the name is just out of this world. Quantum Kush. Extra extra cool name.


Of course friend, these strains are great, I would like to go back to doping with this, it's an extra good moment :)


I understand you completely. I feel the same about Lemon Haze.

kush strains are the best! :)) i love them so much!


I could only taste it once, but it's great LOL