A Complete Guide On CBD Flowers

3 months ago

What is Cannabis Strain? 

A fresh user may not be aware of the types of cannabis strains, no matter if he is using them medically or recreationally. There is a wide range of marijuana strains available in the market. They differ in flavor and structure, but they all originate from the same cannabis plant. #Marijuana strains are available with various mind-boggling names that can excite anyone. Cannabis is specifically grown to achieve desired attributes and results from the strain. Some of them possess high THC content, and others have an incredible flavor, just like tobacco. It also has a flavor of flowers, and you can search for CBD buds in Canada to get these types of cannabis.   

Types of Marijuana Strains 

There are an estimated 779 unique cannabis strains in the world. New strains come up every day as people worldwide cross-pollinate the existing strains to discover fresh 4 star general flower strain. However, some strains have made their permanent spot in the market due to their extensive qualities and effects that are loved by the users. 

The three most popular strains are the following:


#Indica cannabis is highly recognized because of its incredibly high #THC content, which is more often linked with marijuana. It initiates a high in the physical body and provides relief from depression and anxiety. It results in a calming reaction of the user and often leaves them lying down on the floor or couch to eliminate all stress and restlessness. Violator kush marijuana strain is one of its top strains, a cross of Hindu kush and Malana strains. The others include Pure Afghan, Blueberry Kush, Hawaiin delight, and others. The Watermelon kush is one of the most preferred Indica strains because of its wide, dense buds with high THC content with a watermelon's fruity odor. 


It is quite the opposite of the Indica strain because it does not leave the user unconscious but initiates the effects with comparatively low THC content to continue working with its intake. It offers more stimulating effects that make the user feel energized and ready to face the day productively. The top strains of its kind include Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel, Lemon Haze, and others. The Alien OG strain is a reputable strain among users, a Sativa-leaning cross of Alien and OG kush.


The #hybrid strain is achieved by crossing two strains, each belonging to Indica and Sativa. The consequences are marvelous as the results exhibit the properties of both parent strains. Cross-pollinating different strains has to lead to incredible consequences to attain desirable strains, which can induce a cerebral high in a user while relaxing them at the same time. Some of the finest works of hybrid strains are Northern Lights, AK-47, White Widow, and Girl Scout Cookies. You can easily buy Jack Frost hybrid online and get these benefits.   There are numerous benefits of marijuana strains like Durban poison AA, depending on the user's needs. It can act as a relief against chronic pain or relaxant to reduce anxiety and stress. Users are benefitted from the various strains through their distinct advantages. Charlotte’s Web CBD is an appropriate example of a strain that can control attacks, anxiety, and other sickness and has transformed the medical industry.  

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