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4 months ago


The world labels stoners as "lazy" but the world is in general, ignorant. I found some of the most motivated and driven people in my lives to be stoners. All the way from Joe Rogan who is a open pot smoker and is obviously a highly motivated man to the creator of this blockchain, Stoner. Those are just 2 of the motivated "stoners" that come to mind. Then you add in the countless musicians and artist, I'd argue pot smokers can be some of the most motivated people.

People are just overall, lazy. The world has countless ways to absorb your free time, some ways are just more accepted by society than other methods. The amount of time the average human waste in their life time is pretty staggering in my opinion, this might be why so many people are not happy with their current situation in life.

We've got more than enough time in our lives to make almost any passion come evolve into reality, we just waste so much of our time.


Cannabis and creativity go hand in hand in my world because cannabis is a HUGE boost to my creative drive. I can't sit still and do nothing all day stoned, getting stoned makes me want to get up and make something. Strain can effect this of coarse, I've found Sativa to be the best for creative or motivation style highs. Indica is better for couch locking with a movie or just being lazy.

Being a artist/musician cannabis allows me to "take the edge off" and just focus on my project. This world is very, go go go ! It can be hard to get in the right mindset in order to be creative. This can be even harder as you grow up and life adds more to your plate. I find cannabis allows me to push all the bullshit away and just focus on my music.

Does cannabis help drive your passions or projects ?

Till next time, keep smoking




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Here’s a study for those who still perpetuate the motivation myth: (2017 study).

No association found between cannabis and lower motivation.

More recently social behavior studies have highlighted that specific terps may actually even contribute to increased focus. Expect much research and studies around that exact topic to be published in next few years.

Edit: updated with correct link.


Yea, I imagine as legalization hits more studies will be done in the field. Thank you for the link broskies =)

I'm a stoner for most of my life and already crossed quite some goals from my bucket list. If someone lives their dreams, I would suggest, depends on how much you believe in yourself rather than how much pot you've smoked. Not to mention all the growers who passionately work for their smoke. ;)


I agree 100% my friend ! =)

I hate the lazy stoner stereotype. I'm very functional and have always been highly motivated.


Me to broskies =)

I agree ,especially sativa boosts our creative energy. I think that people who say that cannabis smokers are lazy ,is possibly because they are too "straight" to try it and go a bit deeper within themselves .So they stick with their fear of something different and keep it in a nice comfortable "pidgeon-hole" of ignorance . ......but hey ,each to their own ,some people have probably tried it and thought ,not for me(thats ok) ,but some of them ,who look at life from a more "open" perspective ,accept (not criticise) those of us who do like a smoke. : ) .....( positive vibrations yeah....gotta have a good vibe ) (bob marley).

I think most of us are lazy bro, Lol, just look at most inventions they nearly always revolve around making our live simpler or easier in one way or another. I tend to not live my life around what others think of me, I think it's more healthy to worry about what your think of yourself and make yourself a better person in your own way. Bong on bro. :-)

I like to use cannabis when I want to be lazy. I think that is part of what may perpetuate the myth.

Lazy stoner has to be the worse thing that people say.


LOL, 100% !

One of the best things for me is a sunny day, smoking some good uplifter, and getting some rojects down. When I smoke some indicas I tend to lazy up which is lately not my cup of tea. Even trough what >I> smoke is mostly indicas like amnesia haze but when I get my hands on some good sativa I dont let go. A few months ago I got my hands on some sativa enough for a month. I was in heaven. Small one beofre work, small one during break and that was the icing on my cake.