Have you ever been involved in a Police drug raid?

7 months ago

I remember many years ago I was sitting in a bar having a few beers with some friends. Everything was going normal until about six police officer and their sniffer dog burst through the main door. They told all the patrons to move to one side of the room, then they proceeded to allow the dog to sniff everyone for drugs.

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They didn't manage to catch anyone in possession of any of that incredibly dangerous cannabis plant. There was a bit of a funny twist to the story though the dog did manage to find some cannabis and whoever owned it was very cunning, what they did was cut a slit in one of the bar stools and placed their satchels inside. So when the police came in they just walked away and mingled into the crowd.

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Do you have any stories of being involved in something similar?

I would like to hear any stories you may have and thanks for stopping by for a chat.
Bong On Bro. :-)

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No, but I watched my next-door neighbor get harassed by the police once. A bunch of them, and they busted in his door and everything.

Granted, he was pretty dumb... he would have cars pull up outside his house, and he'd run out and sell whatever to them. No stealth about it at all.

However, when they busted into his place, he was pretty much out of everything except a tiny tiny bit of mushrooms. They didn't even take him in, but in the process, his dog ran away.

In the end, no one was helped by it, and it just wasted the tax dollars that was stolen from the citizens and let a dog get away. The dog came back at least. The money was just gone.

Late 80s, early 90s several times.

But they were most raids in clubs. They all were raids for ecstasy and Charly, yes. Absolutely the most boring nights I ever lived. But at the same times there was always some charm to last cop walking out of the door and DJ starting again and the party continuing as if nothing had happened. Although, often, with many less guests.

What sucked most was when they would arrive at 2AM at larger clubs. So you knew you had to get close to the exit, not too obviously, in order to get out quickly and go to the next location. Because the party wouldn’t start anymore and if you were unlucky you would be there until 7AM, without any availability to drink anything alcoholic either as bars would be shut on their instruction.


Yeah it would kill the mood in a nightclub that's for sure. I've never been involved in a raid in a nightclub, only in a couple of pubs. The other times was at a concerts the cops would be walking around with dogs, thanks for stopping by, bong on bro. :-)

Never, but I've been involved in a police chase with my bike; I was 17 years old and riding without a license so I panicked! Thank God I got away, but I was shaking with anxiety even hours later lol. How dumb of me, I know.


Lol, you weren't to dumb budman you managed to get away. I got caught riding without a license when I was about 20, I managed to talk my way out of it and they told me to push it home. As soon as they left I jumped back on and rode home. Bong on bro. :-)

I'd be pretty pissed if I owned the bar (I used to manage one for a while) that got the stool slit, but that's a good idea. ha.


Just imagine how much of our stolen money goes into enforcing these stupid bloody laws, that's the biggest crime I think. Some of these dealers aren't the smartest cookies are they, Lol Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)

No never... but it is in underlying fear I have most days. Whenever i hear a helicopter... sirens... see dark trucks around the area... yeah.. paranoia


I guess that's one of the side effects of smoking weed, paranoia from looking over your shoulder all the time. Thanks for stopping by, bong on. :-)

Ahh man I was involved in a raid because of my wife’s brother. They thought he had weapons at her place so they raided. I was so pissed. The cops stood outside for 40 min in a armored vehicle yelling in a megaphone for us to come out. I was so pissed at my girls family and as I walked outside with my hands up I was cussing everyone. It was so embarrassing, and quite honestly it was so unnecessary. The only thing they found was a quarter of weed, and it was my weed! Fuckers took it and didn’t even ask for my medical card. I eventually got it back 5 months later!!


Well that sounds a bit frightening mate, coming at you with tanks in the streets, WTF. What's next knock down your front door with a fucking rocket launcher? Sounds a bit more scary than having a sniffer dog sticking his nose up everyone's arse. Thanks bud, bong on bro. :-)