Coming Late To The Grind!

5 months ago


There is something to this thing about resisting change and not wanting to alter smoking habits, especially not at anyone else's say-so. There is something about stoners who smoke #weed and resist using a #grinder. I was one of them!

I saw a post by @toker, the title of which sez it all: Over 20 Years Of Smoking And I Finally Bought A Grinder Lol. Do check out Toker's post - if for nothing other than to see what the choice for his first grinder was LMAO.

In the comments section of Toker's post, there were a number of Smokers who expressed something similar - ie many years of smoking before getting a grinder; or else they said that they didn't use a grinder at all. Perhaps this 'resistance' is an age thing that affects the 40-pluses???

I'll be 47 this year and I was smoking for 20 years of my #life before I ever got a grinder, and the switch was not through any choice of mine!

In the 1990s, it was predominantly hash that I smoked. It was pretty much all that was available. It wasn't until around 2005-6 that I started to find bud on the streets and began smoking it in earnest.

I always used scissors. It was the obvious thing to do and nothing else came to mind. At first I wasn't even aware you could get such a thing as a grinder for weed.

When I started growing my own in 2012 I continued with scissors. When folk would suggest I get myself a grinder, I'd brush it off. Inside, I felt annoyed that anyone should tell me to change my smoking habits and get me to do something I didn't want to do or hadn't properly considered. Getting stoned was such a treasured and personal thing for me that I resisted any external 'meddling' however well-intentioned. It actually felt like an attack of sorts. Don't try to control me, I'm fine as I am! was my inner response.

It wasn't until September 2012, when I was gifted a grinder by a close friend who had brought over from the US that I finally gave my poor fingers a rest from scissoring. I have never looked back and on the few occasions that I do use scissors (when I'm elsewhere and don't have the grinder with me), I kinda miss not having it.


Grinding Teeth: My original grinder from 2012. Now with bottom teeth still intact but middle ring of top teeth ground out (above and below).


Advantages of using a grinder (for my way of smoking):

  • more efficient use of weed (less loss on fingers/under fingernails; even spread and burn)
  • collects 'dust' which is concentrated and potent. This also serves as a handy 'reserve tank' when supplies run out
  • for heavy smokers it avoids painful fingers from all that cutting - significant over time!


  • none afaik

Sometime last year, my original grinder lost the last of its functioning teeth and stopped grinding. For a few months I used a cheapie freebie grinder which had come with a load of tobacco. In spite of a royal flush it didn't actually grind very well.


Then I came across a post by @easyrider in which he reviews the 'Anpro Zinc Alloy' grinder. The #review got me interested and the grinder looked neat. I needed one anyway and this had a third off, knocked down to around £8 on Amazon. I went with the synchronicity and the fact that Easy is such a coolDudeNiceGuy. I didn't hang around - click-buy. It arrived in a few days and I've been using it very happily ever since.


In case some of this may apply to you (ie if you use scissors or fingers and have resisted grinders :), I recommend giving grinders a go if you can overcome that inner resistance. I wonder if this particular resistance is something that mainly affects older men? I wonder what the demographics of grinder usage look like across gender/age/ethnic groups etc. Ha, possibilities for that kind of research open up with legalisation :D.

Anyhow, grinding is nicely integrated into my smoking ritual now and there ain't no goin' back for me, nor for anyone I know who's made the switch!

Thanks for reading


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Nice, everyones got grinder nostalgia. Lolol. I never used a grinder either. Well i smoke concentrate now but back in the day, my fingers and sissors


I always used scissors only)


.......may scissors and grinders always be available to stoners who want them, in equal measure and without discrimination..........amen 🙏!



Ha ha, yes indeed! I made the switch very quickly and without thinking about it too much after I got given my first grinder. Scissors and sore fingers it was for me until then, back in the day ;-)

Okay I am now inspired to do a piece on grinder care, I bought my grinder in 2000 and have the same one I started with. I swear by the method of cleaning I use. And I am a very heavy cannabis user


I've just seen that very post and I can still hear your voice saying "freeze for 20-30 and then go tap-tap"....I shall certainly try that out. I find that with the really sticky stuff it doesn't come out even after freezing overnight... although freezing definitely makes it easier to scrape off. It may be that Mayb's method would work for these other harder to get bits, no?


I clean mine weekly and have never had really any stubborn bits. But I wonder if it is because how my tines are in my grinder.


If you're talking about the one that can take 7g of bud, probably loads 😂 . I guess the regular cleaning helps - I usually let it accumulate for when supplies run out and I either can't get any or am having to bridge the time until payday.

Hahaha that was beautiful man! So many similarities to my own story! Also very happy to know I wasn't the only one rocking the scissors.


Thanks Jade, the story of the 'erb and the toker is quite some story always :D.

I have always used my fingers, but because im a cheap ass and have yet to buy a grinder, lol. Cool ass post!


LOL, thank you 🔆

Better late than never? As they say? ;)

Grinders definitely make life a lot easier. My favorite parts are definitely the kief catcher and the fact that the burn is so even.

The way it turns it into a nice pile of bud grounds, is definitely great for rolling up. If I'm smoking Js, I definitely like to grind it first. Makes it nice and fluffy for the tuck n roll. ;)


Yes indeed H2, and as I have experienced myself :D

I have just got the idea to collect kief in a jar from Technosgirl's post...a great idea and I'd never thought of it before!

I rarely smoke a pipe (although it's on my 'to do list' lol). What you say about grinders making life easier describes IT for me too ;)

I shift from grinder to fingers, depending on how I feel like doing it or how dry the bud is. If the bud is very fresh, it tends to be a pain to grind so I either use my fingers or scissors.


Good point! I no longer grow so I don't come across fresh weed any more but if I did, I'd use scissors for sure.