They See me Rolling

3 months ago


Woke up this morning and see a post that reminded me about the rolling contest going on right now being hosted by @jackdub and #cryptosmokers. I knew I wanted to get involved when I saw it but totally googly about it.

My girlfriends is a huge fan a blunts. So most of the time if I'm rolling that's what's going on. I ONLY really like White Owls. I think they roll and burn better than the other cigarelos on the market. White peach flavored is my go to at the moment, although I loved the blue raspberry for a while.


This weekend when I went to see guy I got some more of the alien dawg that has been floating around town. This batch looks a little darker than the last. The taste and smell is about the same though. It not the best but it gets me stoned.


First things first gotta break up the weed and split the blunt. To split I used my handy Lighterbro. If you haven't seen these is my favorite stoner accessory. I will do a review of them at some point.


Next gotta dump all the nasty tobacco out of it to make room for the nugs.


As most of you know I always make a little crutch to go in the end.


I'd say it came out pretty nice!


Smoked like a dream to. It didn't run and it pulled with ease. I always start my day with a wake and bake. This was a great way to get me going.

#rolling #blunt #smoke

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That's a FAT ass blunt fo sho!

Damn you roll an excellent blunt man. That bud is looking killer.


Thanks, much appreciated bro.

They see you rolling ,they hating😀😎


😎 I figured someone would catch that.

Hooty Hoo - the white owls burnin slow. Nice one man, that's a fat full size blunt - powerful with the tasty nugs no doubt. Thanks for the entry, we'll be posting the results in the morning :)

I never had a single blunt in my life. I should have a try. Looks deliscious! Good luck for the competition!

Yo, you got some macro on! I see that little blur going on in that pic of the bud up there! Nice blunt for real, Snoop'd be proud to hit that turd.

Thanks for the entry. Yours is the last is.
And thats One helluva fat blunt.