Just a Little Kief

2 months ago


I cleaned my grinder or a couple weeks ago and have been saving up my kief since. I think I got a nice little pile going.


Tried to get a real nice close up. Not sure why it changed the color. Certainly looks beautiful though.


In honor of my good friend @rawpride I figured I would try my hand at a little kief art. I gotta give him credit it was not as easy as I thought it would be.


Maybe there was just too much kief 😁 It sure piled up when I was trying to draw in it. Oh well I'll have to keep smoking some more to make room!

#art #smoke #kief #cryptosmokers

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That's some kief art boooy! I been looking for a kief art idea. Maybe I'll do my peace sign rendition in your honor. This is so @armshippie

If you have too much, @tecnosgirl can get you my address.

Beautiful kief peace sign.

It is beautiful :)

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