Hey everyone tonight I wanted to share with you my favorite smoking apparatus for the contest being hosted by @canna-curate if you haven't heard about it go check it out.


Bongs have always been my favorite specifically glass. This one is the classic beaker shape. The real stand out part about this one is it is 10mm thick.


Before this one I broke quite a few so when I was shopping for this one thickness was key. The company that makes this one is Manifest Glass Works. I like their logo.


In my bong today is the start of some new black market I picked up. The reason I prefer bongs is the rush you get when you clear it.


Another reason I love them is the versatility. Above you see it with my favorite slider, which I shared in a post before. However below is something a bit different that also fits.


Here we have a dab rig known as the skillet. The way it works is you have a titanium dish you hear that is on a swivel. The swivel goes under the glass bell so you lose minimal smoke when you touch your dab to it.


Well i hope you enjoy my favorite piece as well as my two favorite attachments for it.

#canna-curate #bong #smoke #cannabis

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Hits from the bong! The only thing that competes is the blunt!

Man the colors in both the slider and rig are killer.

Bongs were my favorite before I switched to vapor. I used to have a ti-pad set up like that too, back in 2008 lol

Since I was a teenager bongs have been my go to, they will make you cough up a lung if your not careful.

Good luck with contest.
As for bongs, I seem to find them too slippery, always. Or they get easily knocked over table so I prefer paper. But, like to take few puffs from em just for the sake of old times.

Now that's a awesome bong, I bet it's pretty weighty with all that glass. Bongs have always been my favorite, just load her up and bam, your done in a flash, Lol. Bong on bro. :-)

Pretty ingenious dab slider there bud.