Saturday Smoking - bonged out

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last year


Hello smokers, are you gonna smoke today?It's is saturday and it means I'm gonna smoke some, join me


Do you see how smoky is here?


See you around

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I love hookahs. We use to sit around and get stoned with the Jordanians on some Royal Afghani Hash using 4/5 man hookahs. We'd have the whole damn motor pool smelling like hash and people would look around..."Those damn Jordanians are smoking again". And a few of us would be sitting with them between the trucks drinking tea and smoking hash. I'll never forget those big ass slabs of hash those dudes have. Good times. Thanks for sharing.


"Those damn Jordanians are smoking again"
haha,I can understand it, I was familiar with few Jordanians who was smoking all day hookahs and drinking tea, very cool people
thanks for comment


I agree. Very cool and kind people. You are welcome for the comment.

hookah is really good)


Да, очень классный ;)

How can you see us around with all that smoke?

Cool looking shisha, but wht are uou smoking? Weed?


It's resin or something like that,dont know exact name of this stuff but there's definitely lot of thc :)