Starter to a sweet Weekend

3 months ago

Hi! smokers

andrea 1.jpg

Morning Cheech bowl, and a starter to weekend. Saturday is awesome!

andrea 2.jpg

Currently annoyed for this photo but I think it fits lol!

Goodmorning and light it up 🔥

#maryjane #smoke #indica #morningbowl

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Looks like a good start.

Gotta love smart cameras trying to focus on faces 🤣🤣🤣

So glad it’s my weekend ... I am so freaking burnt out from this heat wave 🔥


Hopefully will expose myself soon 😂

haaha, cheers

Wow, love that bong 🤩💚

The Cheech! Some very solid glass with some very solid power! I love their brand! Definitely for the real smoker. :)