Cannabis and it's use in Nigeria

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Cannabis and it's misconception

The misconception and criminalization of cannabis in a third world country like Nigeria is
quite alarming. The society and the government for a long time has not been in support of cannabis and it's consumption. Meanwhile, alot of people are getting to know the importance and effects of cannabis in Nigeria.
A United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) data released in 2017, suggests that 14.3% of Nigerians (27 million people) smoke cannabis.

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Marijuana is an illegal crop widely grown in Ondo, Edo, Delta, Osun, Oyo and Ogun states. Nigeria is ranked the eighth highest consumer of cannabis in the world, while Ondo State has its largest plantation in the country, which is also the second largest in the world. Even though it is commonly smoked in slums and sundry environments, but its appeal is not limited to people at the lower rungs of society.

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A cannabis farm being destroyed by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA

Everyone knows someone that smokes marijuana and users range from medical doctors to lawyers, traders, students, artists and basically anyone that is interested in getting high to a point in their mind that they never knew existed.

In Lagos state where I reside, there are lots of dealers(retailers) who sell cannabis to individuals. These retailers are always on the watch for the police because they are prone to being raided at any time. Despite the arrest of these retailers, they still go back to selling cannabis because it's their means of survival. My dealer for example once told me that's the only job he does for now and he makes a substantial amount of money for his upkeep.
Cannabis use is not limited to a class, everyone uses it from the low class to the richest people in the country, it’s one of the few substances that creates immediate agreement and bond between strangers. I once made a friend in my church just because we both realized we smoke cannabis and we got along well.

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People forget about class, religion, ethnic group, educational level, sexual orientation and everything else when it comes to using weed.

The New Afrikan shrine In Lagos (owned by the late Fela Kuti but rebuilt by his son Femi Kuti) is one of the places where cannabis is legally allowed to be consumed without the fear of harassment from the police. Alot of individuals ranging from students, artists and anyone who loves to have a good time visit the shrine just to go have some cannabis and vibe to good music with Femi Kuti performing on Thursday and Sunday evenings respectively.

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The legendary late Fela Kuti smoking weed while performing on stage

Future of Cannabis in Nigeria
I look forward to days where Cannabis is going to be legalized in Nigeria and the country begins to export to other countries because I know we have good weed. Even though it might take a long time before it is being legalised but it doesn't stop people from consuming cannabis and having
A view of Afrikan Shrine at night

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Till then Roll up and Smoke Up💨

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Awesome post! We didn't celebrate Fela and his shrine when he was alive. We also love to celebrate corrupt people in Africa and then we kill those who are progressive and willing to die to make a change in this country. Nigeria is the highest users of Cannabis in Africa and still illegal. Who are we deceiving? if not our fucking self?

I just hope things change soon!

Nice post!

Note: i noticed big images appear okay on system and on mobile. Your images are too small and then didn't sit well with your post. Try and get a 650 height and maybe 340 width image. Just general large image.


I hope someday when we get to stop deceiving oursleves and legalize the herb, the earlier the better for us though.
Thanks for the correction, I will do better next time 🤞

This is an awesome content, really interesting and revealing. It's just funny how our government condemns cannabis on the news with all its potents and advantages. They always pose it as bad though banning it has not reduced crime or improved safety and security.
I just hope we go past this hypocrisy and realise all the benefits of legalising cannabis ranging from economic, medical, social etc


Thanks for the comment. I just hope the hypocrisy by the government stops someday and they get to legalize the herb for it's citizens.

It needs to be legal in Nigeria & all of Africa. Its safe and a major cash crop. Better to enrichen legit businesses than crime organisations


I trust someday it will be legalized and the people will get educated about the effective use of cannabis.