Smoke Signal - Stellar XLM Launches Lightning Network!

3 years ago

Just days after the release of StellarX, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Stellar is set to begin the lightning network beta today. Lightning has the potential to support cross-protocol payments, such as a payment where the sender sends Bitcoins on the Bitcoin network and the recipient receives Stellar lumens (XLM) on the Stellar network, all without having to trust any parties in between. If the roadmap stays true, the lightning network on Stellar Livenet is set for December 1, 2018.

Also, a so called Stellar Payband platform has been built on the 6th largest blockchain with the target of making cryptocurrencies useful in a real-life, practical method as its adoption grows.

“The technology was initially designed for festivals, fairs, conferences and events where wristband technology is far superior to cellphones because of ease of use. Cell phones die…wristbands do not. Going cashless at festivals is the new trend. Why not use the fastest and cheapest method of sending money?”


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