Smoke Mainnet Has Launched! 🚀

3 months ago

Today marks a milestone all of us have been eagerly awaiting… As I post this the first mainnet blocks have started being produced. The Smoke Network blockchain has successfully been launched by community block producers from all over the globe! 

Developers can download our latest releases for the CLI_Wallet and Smoked build here:

Users can now sign up for an account on and start using all the features the network has to offer as well as claim your coins from the pre-sale and ICO.  Accounts will be approved within 24 hours from signup.

To claim your coins onto the Smoke mainnet please read the instructions below…

Pre-Sale Claim (Bitshares SMOKE UIA Holders)

1: If you have not already created a Smoke account, create an account on the Smoke blockchain now.

2: Go to our claim tool and follow the instructions:

Main ICO Claim (ICO Dashboard Smoke Holders)

1: If you have not already created a Smoke account, create an account on the Smoke blockchain now.

2: Sign into your Smoke ICO dashboard ( and click `My Profile` and then `My Wallet`.

3: Enter your Smoke username and click save. Your coins will automatically be sent after the claim date. 

Airdrop Participants

The airdrop claim will start once Pre-Sale and ICO users have claimed their stake in the network or on December 1st whichever comes sooner. Please keep an eye on your email for more information in the coming weeks on how to claim airdrop coins. 


From all of us at Smoke Network, I would firstly like to thank our community for your patience and support while we developed the first mainnet release. Other special thanks go out to: 

  • The trailblazers that built the tech Smoke is based upon. 
  • TokenGet ICO solutions for accommodating our coin and custom needs. 
  • ADVFN for always believing in us even when the chips where down. 
  • NORML for starting this revolution years ago.
  • 420Smokers for creating the spark that set the fire. 
  • Our incredibly talented and hard working team, without which none of this would be possible. 
  • Our advisors, many of whom have become my close friends. 
  • Witnesses that have been setting up nodes and testing the network.

We look forward to building new tools and DApps on the network and continuing work on our roadmap. I cannot wait to see what the future brings and what our amazing community can achieve. 

To life, liberty and freedom. 

Jonathan Hunter
Smoke Network Founder

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Great idea @smokers420 :) I'm thinking of doing the same in the future and supporting my followers :)

Been waiting a long time for this day!
A big thank you to Jonathan and Baabeetaa for all the long hours and hard work to get us to this point, and to all the other testnet witnesses working to launch the SMOKE chain!

I am powering up my main account to back my community support token CANNABIT and will have information posted about it soon.

It's time to get the promotion machine in motion!



Looking forward for it :) I just voted you as witness and i'm sure you will be one of the main contributors on this network.


I will do my best to help the community grow in any way I can.

Hell yea @stoner! Congratulations brother!


Congratulations to the team and everyone that made this project possible. It was a long wait for the investors but the team met the deadline and we have a functioning website and great times ahead! :)


Yo, @josh how are you my beautiful friend?!


Hey @josh, how's it going? Plan on posting soon? Would love to hear some cannabis related stories/content from you! :)

To life, liberty and freedom.

Thats the word. I am so glad for this great news. up we goes


420 for life :)


This is lovely, really happy to be on, but my ico is still yet to be transfered to wallet why? Its more than 7hours now


Nice one bro
Let rock smoke together

Finally, today is worth celebrating thanks to the team for the hard work. I so much believe in this platform and am glad am one of the early adopters...smoke to the moon, one love


I also believe the same @jessica Great times are ahead :)


I love to see people like you here, fully engaging the community.

Great that we are finally live


It is funny that I checked today what the progress was and then I realized it just launched!


hahah, it happened to me the same @brian Just before going to sleep i logged in on the telegram app, on the smoke channel and when i saw it was live, i got out of bed, turn the laptop on and stayed two hours checking the website and i only slept 5 hours this night and already drink two cups of coffee but it was worth it :)


i can understand you bud same like me, that european time, but i was happy and sleep like 10 hours :D

Congrats @stoner this is a good day.

Congratulations kind sir!!!:))) Welcome to Smoke Network everybody, please vote Props4Crops as a witness!:)) 1 luv ya'll


As soon as i know how to vote for witness, count me in @props4crops :)


I tried, but its giving me error: "Transaction failed: Smoke account doesn't exist." and you're never showing on the list of witnesses. Will try later on ;)


weird i am finding blocks i can ser it on the explorer


i am 3rd on the witness list


Thank you kindly my witness is live now!:))

I waited this day from first word about this platform :D finally out


I was counting the days for it to be live. Now the sky is the limit @savagelion :)


and we go high tougeder

The feeling of being among the first set of smoke, it's really great. I was awake when smoke launched but while waiting for my account to be activated, I slept off. I am glad to be here😁👍




Thanks dear


Welcome to smoke network @ogejoy :) I'm supporting you and all my followers with upvotes :)


That's nice of you😍

happy with smoke

Oh y ah! Can't wait to start getting to start uploading my videos here ☺

Wow!!! I've waited long for this moment. Looks like the eagle has finally landed.
Smoke on guys!! Let the game begin.


Have a Resmoke

Great achievements calls for celebration. Who is interested? I have some marijuana we can use to celebrate but the only problem is how to send it across.

Congratulations everyone. Let's smoke together.

I was so happy that my long waited journey for smoke ends here and journey in the smoke also starts here

Good to be here.. You guys are great...



@jwolf saw you mention this platform on Steemit, thanks for the recommendation 👌

Wow at last smoke network is launched
Cant wait to start blogging
Lets smoke the smoke.


Let’s see what you’ve got ;)


Just drop a blog on How high!!!
Hope you have watch the movie it pure comedy and full of smoke.

I can't wait to explore .. Am in love with the UX design.


Its really cool, isn't it? :)


Definitely yes it is.

Shout out to NORML! 👌

Way to go! Much love to the whole Smoke Team! Blaze on!

So great to be part of this awesome smoke community... I cant wait to start creating contents... Really amazing.


Bro i saw you

I knew I should have taken part in the ICO!


You can still buy cheap in bitshares or openledger: :)

So happy to be the 1st to comment great things are about to happen


Welcome @kayceefresh :) I also believe the same :)


Haha.. so this were count now. Congrat man ;), let smoke, get high and get paid.

congratulations .... I'm very happy..


I'm also super happy @rabiul :)

This is AWESOME! The platform launches mere weeks before WEED BECOMES LEGAL IN CANADA!!! Free at fucking last! Congratulations on making this Great Work a reality! I am proud to be part of this social revolution! Abrahadabra!


I'm so delighted. After a long time of waiting for the launch of the main-net, it is finally here. Just last night, I thought of taking my mind off smoke as it is taking much time than I expected not knowing it was already here.

Thanks for coming right on time, smoke.....

Live long...

Congratulations :) This are great news @smokenetwork :)

The long awaited platform is here, Am very happy thanks to the team and everybody that made this a success.

Happy to be here! Thanks to all on the Smoke team for all the hard work you put in to make this happen :)

hey I'm New There i hope everything will be fine there i'ma music producer and i'm planing to offer some good content ^_^ have fun Smokers :)


Hi @erikvantools :) I'm looking forward to hear some of your songs related with cannabis content :)

congratulations so good to be here

Very good news!

Nice. Glad to be here. How do I add picture files to my post? The selecting tool is not working for me.


Keep trying it should work.

Yeahhh finally we all smoke together on this beautiful network...lets get the ship blazin!!!

plz follow me back

Peace to the smoke family! Very excited about the main-net launch! Happy smoking!

Congratulations on launch! Smoke Network yeeeeeeeee !!

I wish you good luck, I will support you in every possible way.


Good luck for you too @dgazek

About time. I was beginning to wonder if darling smoke has sunk.


haha, great times are ahead @illuminatus Time to write and smoke 🚬


Hehehehehe, let's smoke....

The network I have been waiting. For to vape now we can porize 😉

Am supper excited that this is a dream come true...
Let smoke all the way!

Woot woot! Proud to be here. Cheers

Congrulations! Great work


Wow!! @yandot is here.. How are you doing, brother??

Congratulations to all of us here.
We waited and the team delivered as promised

This information is amazing i am newbie here and expecting some love for you guys

Ayy I'm late to the party but I still wanted to reply to such a historic post! Congrats on everything.

Congratulations to everyone! Go to the Moon, Smoke! ;-)

So @smokenetwork basically if I powerup with all my SMOKE, I will earn greater value overtime?